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To an Englishwoman such as myself, this whole affair is a farcical comedy. Your little police games and these foolish coutroom antics... It's laughable, really.
~ Brett, being her racist self

Asa Shinn, better known as Jezaille Brett, is an antagonist in  The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures. More specifically, she is a main antagonist in the first case, "The Adventure of the Great Departure," and a supporting antagonist of the Great Ace Attorney Chronicles game series. She was a British assassin posing as a university exchange student in Japan.



She was likely born in 1875, unless she also feigned her age as part of her disguise. Asa Shinn was hired by London's Chief Justice, Mael Stronghart. He hired her to kill all those acquitted in trials where Barok van Zieks served as prosecutor in order to make it seem like he was cursed. She regularly met with Inspector Tobias Gregson on Fresno Street to discuss the best way to eliminate a potential target.

After some time, Stronghart sent her to Japan to eliminate Dr. John H. Wilson to stop him talking about Klint van Zieks' autopsy report regarding the Professor serial killings of 1890. In Japan, she adopted the alias of Jezaille Brett, a British medical student at Imperial Yumei University. She worked with Dr. Yujin Mikotoba and studied a rare poison, curare, which was only known in Europe and the Americas outside their department.

Assassination of John H. Wilson

Brett attempted to eliminate Wilson by meeting with him at a Western restaurant in Tokyo named La Carneval. As the professor had just undergone dental surgery, she knew he would be vulnerable to curare, and thus poured the poison into his drink, knowing that the Japanese police could not identify it. However, before she could leave, their table was approached by Ryunosuke Naruhodo, who wished to greet Dr. Wilson. This made it impossible for Brett to leave before the professor died, and she was still present when he began to succumb to the side effects. Using her backup plan, she framed Naruhodo by dropping Wilson's handgun on the floor so that the student would pick it up, while she shot Wilson with her own handgun that she concealed in her skirt. As the waiter, actually Inspector Hosonaga, went to deal with Naruhodo, Brett turned Wilson's table away from his seat and fled the crime scene.

Trial of Ryunosuke Naruhodo

Naruhodo was arrested for Wilson's murder, and had to represent himself in court so not to jeopardize the legal career of his friend, Kazuma Asogi, who originally wanted to represent him. She was called as a witness after Naruhodo was able to prove that another diner had been present, and Inspector Hosonaga summoned her to the trial.

Initially, Brett feigned ignorance of the Japanese language, and used Hosonaga as her interpreter. When Naruhodo suggested that Wilson may have died of poison, Brett drank the glass of carbonated water from the crime scene to "prove" that she could not have poisoned it. When Naruhodo pointed out the unique properties of curare that meant that it would only work on an active wound, Brett smashed the bottle on the floor of the courtroom.

However, the defense proved Brett's culpability by proving that the plate that would have been hers had a bloodstain present, which had been swapped with those of other diners. Brett admitted that she had killed Wilson, but did not reveal her motive.

Due to her ties to the British judiciary, she was unable to be tried in Japan, as it was requested that she be tried in a British consular court, the nearest of which was in Shanghai.

Detainment and death

It took several months for Brett to be extradited, and she was able to request certain privileges from the Japanese government, such as being able to continue her "medical research," and visit the beach on the last day before she was due to board the ship to China.

While in a beach hut, she was approached by journalist Raiten Menimemo, who demanded to know why she had killed Wilson. However, Brett simply laughed him off and made racist remarks towards the Japanese, which led Menimemo to administer a rare poison he stole from the university to Brett.

Moments later, Brett was approached by medical student Rei Membami, who accused her of stealing poison from the university. At that moment, Brett was stabbed by Menimemo through the back of the beach hut, as he realized that his original murder attempt may have implicated himself as the killer. Brett died from the attack.

Rei Membami was arrested for killing Brett, although Susato Mikotoba proved that Menimemo was the real killer and that Rei Mebami was trying to extract her blood to save her from the poisoning. Months later, Susato and Naruhodo would discover Brett's true reason for killing Wilson after they returned to London.


Underneath her pleasant, elegant, and educated facade, Brett was an incredibly heartless woman. While Gregson genuinely wanted to fix the legal system and Jigoku and Strongheart believed the end justified the means, Brett merely wanted money. She showed no concern for the lives of others, but held a special disdain for the Japanese, seeing them as her inferiors. She was quick to ridicule their culture, snootily reinforcing her xenophobic beliefs whenever she got the chance to.

She also believed she was untouchable, mocking those around her at every opportunity she got. This drew hatred from almost everyone and eventually led to her death, as Menimemo couldn't stand her arrogance and disdain for others.


  • Her pseudonym references the Jezail gun which wounded Dr. Watson in the Sherlock Holmes novels, while "Brett" in Japanese has a nearly identical pronunciation to 'bullet'. Her real name is a pun on her actual occupation, "assassin." Her surname can also be taken as an allusion to Jeremy Brett, an actor who interpreted Sherlock Holmes.
  • She shares many similarities to Dahlia Hawthorne. They're both first case culprits with a far larger impact on the story. They're also ruthless sadists who hide behind a polite facade. They're also both redheads noted for their beauty who possess a distinct fashion style compared to the other characters.
  • In terms of direct kills, Brett has the highest kill count in the series, murdering close to sixteen people for the reaper's curse alongside Wilson, implied to have even more. While Debeste, Inga, Ga'ran, and Von Karma have higher implied kill counts, their crimes are mostly by proxy rather than directly.
  • Brett and her character design share a lot in common with a swan. They're both described as graceful and beautiful, yet are incredibly dangerous if underestimated. In literature, swans are typically characterized as seeing themselves as superior to other birds, as Brett sees herself superior to other people.
  • A. Shin is an ironic pseudonym for her, considering the fact that she loathes Asians with a passion.


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