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I am no sir! I am Jherii with two I's! I'm about to take home my long-deserved Miss Gigantic California trophy! No one and nothing is going to get in my way, do you understand me!?
~ Jherii Gallo, when enraged by Nick Ramos' slip-ups

Jherii Gallo is one of the psychopaths that Nick encounters in the videogame Dead Rising 3.

She is an incredibly prideful bodybuilder who considers herself a prime champion of gigantic women. And she is quite ready to attack anyone who poses a challenge, or mistakes her for a man. Out of the Psychopaths representing the Seven Deadly Sins, Jherii embodies Pride.

Dead Rising 3

Nick enters the Yoh-Gah gym where he sees what appears to be an overly muscular man working out despite the zombie outbreak. He tries to consult "him", but quickly finds out that the bodybuilder is actually a deep-voiced woman called Jherii, who does not take kindly to being mistaken for a man, and is training for her 'long deserved' Miss Gigantic California trophy. Jherii initially forgives Nick when she gets distracted by a mirror and vainly flexes while bragging about her potential. Nick tries to talk to her about getting away from the zombies, but unwittingly refers to her a man once again. Enraged already by that slip-up, Jherii then sees Nick as challenging her status as a powerful, gigantic woman. Seizing a large barbell, Jherii decides to prove her worth by trying to kill Nick. Jherii's most basic tactic is using the barbell as a blunt weapon (or attempting to stab with it), but she also can throw smaller weights from a corner of the room. If caught too close, Jherii will use the barbell to slam Nick and beat him up while he's pinned down. True to her vanity, Nick can compliment her appearance, which briefly gets her distracted when she vainly flexes in a mirror.

Nevertheless, Nick manages to prove the stronger one in the fight that follows. Defeated and humiliated, Jherii attempts to seek solace in her large case of trophies while giving herself a pep talk based on one of her motivational tapes. Unfortunately for her, the case falls forward and she is crushed to death under the weight of her trophy collection.


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