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Jiao is a neutral character and a member of the Chimeriad from the 2011 video game Tales of Xillia. Jiao is a large man with brown skin, wears a yellow coat, and a stiff hat.  

He is voiced by Ryūzaburō Ōtomo in the Japanese version and Patrick Seitz in the English version, the latter of whom also voices Laxus Dreyar and Sloth

During the Story

In the game, he was first seen at Hamil wondering why Elize wasn't in her shed. He found her and took her back inside. The next day, while Jaio was out, Elize was mistreated by the village. When Elize and Teepo went off with Jude, Milla, and Alvin, Jiao was shocked about this and decided to go after them.  In the wildwood, he tracked them dowm with his beasts, encountered them and ordered Elize to go back with him. However, Teepo claimed that he really wasn't their friend. After the fight, Alvin set off the Smokeshroom spores and the group fled from him.

Later at the gorge, after Elize, Teepo, and Alvin were saved, Jiao encountered them again. He tells everyone that they were at the site of the abandoned laboratory where Elize was held against her will. She was kidnapped by Isla when she was a little girl. Jiao also told them that Elize's parents were killed by a bandit and that Teepo could only talk with a booster. After this, he leaves.

At Fezebel Marsh, the party eventually discovered that Jiao was a member of the Chimeriad. Jiao, Presa, and Wingul fought the party together, but were later defeated. Eventually, everyone discovers that Gilland has the Lance of Kresnik and started his invasion. Jiao confessed to Elize that he was the one that killed her parents. Jiao bidded Gaius and the others farewell and fought off some of Gilland's army. In the end, Jiao was killed.


  • Jiao was the least evil member in the Chimeriad with Agria being the most evil.
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