Jigen (in Japanese: ジゲン, Jigen) is the leader of Kara and the main antagonist of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga and anime series. He is an important member in the inner part of Kara. He is the adoptive father to Kawaki. Like Boruto and Kawaki, Jigen also have the kāma seal.


Jigen is calm and relaxed member of Kara. He is methodical and takes things lightly in the group. Unlike Delta who can be hot-tempered, Jigen is collected. Jigen also has an authoritarian side to him by how he commands his operatives. Although Delta unhesitatingly lashed out around him, she clearly was unwilling to go after Kawaki without Jigen's permission, as she only left after Jigen allowed her to and even if reluctantly, obeyed Koji due to Jigen ordering her to do so. Jigen seemingly cares for Kawaki but is using him as the vessel for his plan. Jigen does not mind that Koji Kashin is doing things differently from the other members of the group.

Despite his cool demeanor, Jigen has demonstrated times where he could get angry when he does not get his way such as the children dying one after the next during his attempt to give them the kāma seal. Jigen also lacks the empathy for the children dying from his attempt to give them the seal but only expressed frustration that he could not make the vessel he wanted sooner. He also put Kawaki through a rough training in order to master his power and he is shown to be more than willing to strike Kawaki physically if he defies him, with Kawaki describing his experiences as being a literal hell and clearly resenting Jigen the most out of all the members of Kara, implying that Jigen may have been just as rough as Kawaki's father had been. However, oddly enough, after Delta left to pursue Kawaki, his contemplating face seems to imply a level of regret on how harshly he treated his adopted son, indicating although Jigen may have had no qualms cruelly strengthening Kawaki, after Kawaki left, he may have realized that he did indeed violate his promises of safety.


As of now, little is known about Jigen's abilities. However, it is clear that he wields extraordinary might, leading Kara, an organization filled with highly powerful individuals, unchallenged. He is easily capable of commanding respect from his fellow Inners who are all described to be extremely powerful. Koji Kashin stated that even the strongest shinobi in history, Naruto Uzumaki, who Koji admits to being terrifyingly powerful after witnessing his battle with Delta, would be incapable of defeating Jigen in battle. Indeed, Sasuke Uchiha, who is equal to Naruto, decided against facing him upon seeing a display of Jigen's power and instead opted to retreat and deemed the inevitable battle with him as being far more dangerous than he ever expected, showing actual awe and fear.


Jigen appears to possesses tremendous reserves and strength in chakra, as Kawaki compared the extraordinary chakra power wielded by Naruto's Six Paths Sage Mode to his own. From what has been seen, his chakra, in the form of Kaguya's partner upon activating Kama and absorbing his Ten Tails chakra, was great enough to intimidate Sasuke, an individual with extraordinary amounts of chakra equal to Naruto's full power, into fleeing. He has no strain in maintaining and using a high-level genjutsu to allow communication from different far away locations between himself and his fellow Inners.


Jigen is very proficient in genjutsu, capable of using it for communication, projecting deceivingly corporeal projections of his Kara members and is even able to alter the surroundings while doing so. He is somehow capable of creating objects out of thin air, as he was able to produce intact copies of destroyed objects and chemical reactions, such as a table, food and drink, and even lit candles. He is proficient in Space-Time Ninjutsu, capable of effortlessly entering a far-away parallel dimension as shown by how he was able to easily open a portal to the dimension that held the Ten-Tails, a dimension of the Ōtsutsuki, a feat that only the likes of Sasuke and Kaguya had the capability to do, and shows the ability to levitate.


Jigen is the first person to wield the power of Kama, being the one who gave it to Kawaki in the first place and having possessed the seal long before Boruto did. He is capable of activating the power at will and is as of now the only one to master the seal, having successfully molded Kawaki into becoming able to activate it at will and use it's powers. He masters the absorption powers of Kama to a far greater degree than Kawaki has shown, able to easily and skillfully absorb chakra from a being as powerful as the Ten Tails.



Jigen adopted Kawaki from an abusive father by buying him off for himself. Jigen introduced himself to Kawaki. At some point in time, Jigen and Amado amassed over a dozen boys to test his kama seal on them. All the boys died from the painful process but Kawaki survived and as a result became Kara's vessel. Jigen took Kawaki in as his student and brutally trained and sparred with him repeatedly in order to master Kama and also become a warrior. Jigen would also at times physically beat Kawaki whenever he complained about the pain of Kama, as Jigen saw it as being a weakness and Kama as proof of Kawaki's identity as his adopted son and vessel of Kara. Kawaki complained about the pain, but Jigen would get angry and continue to beat him. Because of the beatings and abuse, Kawaki managed to escape from the latter. Because of Kawaki's escape, it prompted Jigen to set up an important meeting for the Kara meeting to retrieve him.


Jigen appears in a room with the other inner members of Kara discussing the vessel that got away and the importance of retreating it. A few days after talking with members of the group about retrieving the vessel, Jigen had a discussion with Delta about the vessel and Koji Kashin. Even though Delta was angry about the turn of events, Jigen was calm and told her that she can go with Koji to look for the vessel.

After the Delta's failure at attempting to retrieve the vessel, Jigen tells Delta to calm down as she is angry at Naruto, the Seventh Hokage, for defeating her in battle. Jigen reminds Delta that it is Koji Kashin's job to retrieve the vessel. Delta tells him that Koji Kashin have not been doing his job right to retrieve the vessel as he allowed the Leaf Ninjas to take the vessel away. Delta tells Jigen that Boruto Uzumaki has a kama seal. Jigen is interested in the new information he heard from her and thinks about Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki and his involvement in giving Boruto the kama seal.

Jigen uses his space-time ninjutsu to travel to an area that has information on the Ōtsutsuki clan. He goes to an area that contains a creature he calls the Ten-Tails. The Ten-Tails attempts to eat Jigen but he tells it that he is not ready for that because he have not completed the vessel. Jigen proceeds to absorb the chakra from the Ten-Tails to the point that he takes on the form of an Ōtsutsuki clan member for a brief moment. After gaining a significant amount of chakra, Jigen wonders if he should meet Boruto and Kawaki.


  • Jigen appears to be associated with the Ōtsutsuki Clan, as after he learns that Boruto has a true Kama seal, he noted that Momoshiki did it to make Boruto his vessel.
    • As he is able to take on the form of an Ōtsutsuki who apparently was Kaguya's partner, it is possible he is in fact an Ōtsutsuki.


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