Jigen (in Japanese: ジゲン, Jigen) is the leader of Kara and the main antagonist of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga and anime series. He is an important member in the inner part of Kara. He is the adoptive father to Kawaki. Like Boruto and Kawaki, Jigen also have the kāma seal.

It is later revealed that Jigen is actually under the possession of Isshiki Ōtsutsuki, serving as his current vessel.


As the leader of Kara, Jigen is both formal and courteous with a great deal of composure and methodicality, taking things lightly in the group, but can also be serious and show an authoritarian side to him by how he commands his operatives and is quite capable of keeping secrets. This is shown by how when he at first addresses his fellow Inners politely and apologizes for calling them all so hastily during the meeting on how to recover Kawaki but when one of the members insist on being let known on Amado, Jigen coldly tells that they have no right to know. Although Delta unhesitatingly lashed out around him, she clearly was unwilling to go after Kawaki without Jigen's permission, as she only left after Jigen allowed her to and even if reluctantly, obeyed Koji due to Jigen ordering her to do so. While he may appear detached and arrogant by his confidence that things will fall in the way he wants it even when dealing with Kawaki's escape, this is backed up with an incredible level of caution, perception and deception skills. He keeps the full extent of his abilities hidden even from the other Inners so well that even Koji Kashin, who Jigen himself noted to hold a brilliant mind, and Kawaki, who Jigen had personally trained, shows little knowledge about his powers except that he is an exceedingly powerful individual, with Kawaki mistakenly believing Naruto to be more powerful and not being aware that Jigen could actually easily locate him if he desired, while Kashin Koji only seems to know a little better that Jigen is actually stronger than Naruto even with Sasuke backing him up and even went as far as to going into quite risks such as watching over Boruto and Kawaki when the Seventh Hokage himself is there.

In addition, Jigen is also able to easily remain one step ahead of Koji by appearing unconcerned that Koji is doing things differently from the other members of the group while in actuality he does harbor suspicions on Koji that are not based of prejudice like Delta but instead of logic but keeps it so well-hidden even Koji didn't realize and he was able to quite thoroughly trick Koji into hunting down Kawaki by handing down the vessel retrievement mission to make him participate so as to learn his intentions. He also relapsed at this point on his facade of trusting and being fooled by Koji, as he easily sensed and glared at Koji's toad as if to intimidate and reveal he knows more about him than Koji knows about Jigen. He has also shown himself to have more manners than the other Inners and less confrontational, as he politely greets Naruto Uzumaki and even apologizes for not taking off his sandals in his living dorm and merely incapacitates the Hokage rather than killing him. When forced to fight, however, Jigen is shown to be very confident in his power, as he is unfazed when the Seventh Hokage makes it clear he will only leave with Kawaki upon defeating him and merely responds with a calm threat of being eliminated. Even facing both Naruto and the equally powerful Uchiha Sasuke, Jigen shows absolutely no fear and even laughs at their confidence to defeat him. Once having them beaten, he shows a taunting side where he relishes in how they have realized they cannot defeat him. This arrogance does not hamper his fighting prowess at all, however, as both attempts of Naruto and Sasuke to use his confidence have been easily dealt with methodically by using his other powers to neutralize their attacks. Koji's beliefs that Naruto's protection of Kawaki would certainly make Jigen personally attack further indicates his confidence in taking on powerful enemies..

Despite his cool demeanor, Jigen has demonstrated times where he could get angry when he does not get his way such as the children dying one after the next during his attempt to give them the kāma seal. Jigen also lacks the empathy for the children dying from his attempt to give them the seal but only expressed frustration that he could not make the vessel he wanted sooner. Jigen's own feelings towards Kawaki is more complicated than the other Inner's mere view of him as the vessel. He had no qualms brutally training Kawaki and physically striking him whenever he opposed him but at the same time he showed more complex thoughts regarding his adopted son, considering giving him Kama as being a genuine attempt to allow him to overcome his emptiness and appearing to relish whenever Kawaki stood up for himself, only beating him whenever Kawaki pushed him too far. In addition, after Delta left, Jigen appeared to contemplate Kawaki's departure, although whether out of regret or simple thinking of how to treat Kawaki upon capturing him is still uncertain. Upon finally personally appearing before him, Jigen expressed a belief that his training is truly for Kawaki's sake, further reinforcing this and calls him his son despite his departure. He also expresses joy at how far his son had grew after seeing him able to, even if subconsciously, access Isshiki's power.


As the supreme leader of Kara, an organization filled with highly powerful individuals, including his fellow Inners who are all described to be extremely powerful, who have been seen to easily be silenced by him, along with being the vessel of the extraordinarily powerful Isshiki Otsutsuki, Jigen is the strongest member of the organization. Koji Kashin stated that even the strongest shinobi in history, Naruto Uzumaki, who Koji admits to being terrifyingly powerful after witnessing his battle with Delta, would be incapable of defeating Jigen in battle, with him later believing even Naruto with Sasuke would have little chances of winning. Likewise, Kawaki noted Jigen's strength to be leagues above Delta and that he may defeat or at least severely injure Naruto in battle, even opting to surrender himself rather than having the Seventh Hokage face him. Indeed, Sasuke Uchiha, who is equal to Naruto, decided against facing him upon seeing a display of Jigen's power and instead opted to retreat and deemed the inevitable battle with him as being far more dangerous than he ever expected, showing actual awe and fear. His power also immediately intimidated both Ino and Naruto, who had shown themselves to be literally unafraid of Delta, into mobilizing the Police Forces to back Naruto up. Indeed, he proved able to not only fight equally with both Sasuke and Naruto, while still pressuring them when holding back still, but once using full power, was even able to defeat them.


Jigen appears to possesses tremendous reserves and strength in chakra, as Kawaki compared the extraordinary chakra power wielded by Naruto's Six Paths Sage Mode to his own. From what has been seen, his chakra, in the form of Kaguya's partner upon activating Kama and absorbing his Ten Tails chakra, was great enough to make Sasuke, an individual with extraordinary amounts of chakra equal to Naruto's full power, sweat and show great fear of him. He has no strain in maintaining and using a high-level genjutsu to allow communication from different far away locations between himself and his fellow Inners. Even without Kama activated, his Chakra was already more than incredibly dark and strong enough to greatly unnerve Ino Yamanaka, who had earlier remained unfazed by Delta's presence.

Physical Prowess

Jigen's melee combat skills are sufficient to have trained Kawaki into a powerful fighter. He is fast and strong enough to effortlessly overpower and kick aside Naruto when he tried to attack him along with effortlessly restraining Kawaki with just one hand , while Kawaki was in his kama mode.


Jigen's primary ability is to rapidly shrink matter to microscopic levels, and can return it to its original size just as quickly, to the point of giving the impression of instantly conjuring and vanishing objects from thin air. In battle he utilizes this ability to launch microscopic black rods into the bodies of his foes, which then inflict catastrophic injuries and drain chakra from the victim when returned to their original size. He can also apply the ability to his own body, allowing him to disappear from sight and maneuver around the battlefield, almost as if teleporting, so fast to the point of catching the likes of Naruto and Sasuke off-guard. He is accomplished in genjutsu, capable of using it for communication over large distances, projecting deceivingly corporeal projections of his Kara members in their respective locations and is even able to alter the surroundings while doing so. He is proficient in Space-Time Ninjutsu, capable of effortlessly entering a far-away parallel dimension as shown by how he was able to easily open a portal to the dimension that held the Ten-Tails, a dimension of the Ōtsutsuki, a feat that only the likes of Sasuke and Kaguya had the capability to do, and along with that he can even make use of it in combat and while in his microscopic state, easily escaping from Sasuke's attempt to hit his blind spot. He also shows the ability to levitate, which he can do also while shrunken.


Jigen is the first person to wield the power of Kama, being the one who gave it to Kawaki in the first place and having possessed the seal long before Boruto did. He is capable of activating the power at will and is as of now the only one to master the seal, having successfully molded Kawaki into becoming able to activate it at will and use it's powers. He masters the absorption powers of Kama to a far greater degree than Kawaki has shown, able to easily and skillfully absorb chakra from a being as powerful as the Ten Tails, along with being able to absorb large quantities of chakra from the likes of Naruto with ease, showing his absorption is on a different level than that of Delta's cybernetic eyes who got overloaded rather quickly when Naruto got serious. Through unknown means, he can teleport to Kawaki's location through his Kama. He is uniquely capable of accessing the transformed state willingly, causing a horn to protrude from his temple and wrap around the back of his skull like a crown.



Jigen trying get his vessel

Jigen trying to the find the next vessel.

Jigen adopted Kawaki from an abusive father by buying him off for himself. Jigen introduced himself to Kawaki as his new father and told him to make himself at ease. At some point in time, Jigen and Amado amassed over a dozen boys to test his kama seal on them. All the boys died from the painful process but Kawaki survived and as a result became Kara's vessel. Jigen took Kawaki in as his student and brutally trained and sparred with him repeatedly in order to master Kama and also become a warrior, clearly having always won with no effort while dramatically holding back. Jigen would also at times physically beat Kawaki whenever he complained about the pain of Kama, as Jigen saw it as being a weakness and Kama as proof of Kawaki's identity as his adopted son and vessel of Kara. He would express relief whenever Kawaki showed anger and noted that the reason why he gave Kawaki Kama was because he was, in his eyes at least, empty with nothing in him, be it family, friends, talent, and power, with not even a single one of those things being in his possession and therefore he gave him the special seal to fill the hole inside him. Kawaki complained about the pain, but Jigen would get angry and continue to beat him. Because of the beatings and abuse, Kawaki managed to escape from the latter. Because of Kawaki's escape, it prompted Jigen to set up an important meeting for the Kara meeting to retrieve him.


Kara meeting

Jigen meeting with Kara.

Jigen activates his Genjutsu Communication technique to summon all the other inner members of Kara where he reveals that the vessel has escaped and after agreeing with Koji Kashin that it was the half-hearted calculation used by an elderly member of Kara that caused all this, coldly tells said member that the plan he has regarding Armado has nothing to do with him. He agrees instantly to sent in Koji to retrieve the vessel and before dispelling the Genjutsu, makes the priority of the mission clear, authorizing any and all methods as long as the vessel is retrieved.

Jigen and Delta

Jigen dining with Delta.

A few days after talking with members of the group about retrieving the vessel, Jigen was dining along with Delta where Delta rages about the turn of events but Jigen remained calm and told her that she can go with Koji to look for the vessel but made it clear her role is only to report to him if there were problems regarding Koji's work and she will submit to whatever Koji planned. As Delta leaves, Jigen finishes his meal in silence as he contemplates the events happening.

After Delta's failure at attempting to retrieve the vessel, having been decisively defeated by Naruto, the Seventh Hokage, while Kashin Koji merely watched far-away and realized from the battle Jigen's strength still surpasses Naruto's own terrifying power, and subsequent tantrum with the other Inners, Jigen sternly calms down Delta and reminds her that it is Koji Kashin's job to retrieve the vessel. Delta tells him that Koji Kashin have not been doing his job right to retrieve the vessel as he allowed the Leaf Ninjas to take the vessel away and he remains at the Hidden Leaf Village to gather information. Curious, Jigen asks Delta what information and Delta tells Jigen that Boruto Uzumaki has a kama seal. Smirking at the new information he heard from her, Jigen happily thinks about Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki and his involvement in giving Boruto the kama seal.

Jigen and Ten Tails

Jigen meets with the Ten-Tails in an unknown location.

Jigen uses his space-time ninjutsu to teleport to an area that has information on the Ōtsutsuki clan. He goes to an area that contains a creature he calls the Ten-Tails as Sasuke, who had arrived earlier, watch from above the pedestal. The Ten-Tails attempts to eat Jigen but he tells it that he is not ready for that because he have not completed the vessel. Jigen proceeds to absorb chakra from the Ten-Tails with his Kama to the point that he takes on the form of an Ōtsutsuki clan member for a brief moment, greatly unnerving Sasuke, who appeared to see Jigen as being too much for him and retreated to warn Naruto. After gaining a significant amount of chakra, Jigen plans his incoming visit of Boruto and Kawaki, appearing to indicate he is planning to attack Konoha himself.

Jigen confronts Kawaki

Jigen confronts Kawaki at Naruto's house.

Jigen forcibly activates Kawaki's kama seal and has it open a portal for him to enter Konoha through, his power instantly being sensed by Yamanaka Ino, who fearfully analyzes his chakra as being incredibly sinister and mobilizes the Police Force as backup. The first thing Jigen saw was Koji Kashin's frog that he used to watch Kawaki and Boruto and Koji immediately un-summoned it as he looked suspiciously before focusing on Kawaki. He notices the surroundings as the Uzumaki house and politely apologizes to Naruto for having his shoes on only to be coldly rebuffed by the Hokage, who expresses his desire to battle him. Unfazed, Jigen says that he only wants to retrieve Kawaki and when Naruto attempts to intervene between Jigen and Kawaki, Jigen immobilizes Naruto with his chakra rods that depletes him of his chakra. He proceeds to easily immobilize Kawaki with a tight grip on his Kama arm and notes that his artificial right-hand replacement is unsightly and that the village were using it to monitor him, making it no different to the kama seal. Jigen tries to persuade Kawaki into seeing the Leaf Village as a place that does not care about him so that Kawaki can return to the Kara base. Kawaki resists Jigen's persuasion and tells him not to disrespect the Seventh Hokage. The kama seal grows around Kawaki altering his appearance by making him grow a horn on the side of his head to Jigen's surprise. Naruto kicks away Jigen and seeing Naruto won't stop interfering, Jigen activated Kama and expressed his intent to kill Naruto. As Kawaki offers himself up to Jigen in exchange for him not fighting Naruto, fearing what Jigen's far superior power to Delta could do to Naruto, Jigen calmly accepts the deal as long as he remains cooperative but Naruto refuses to.

Jigen fights Naruto and Sasuke

Jigen fights Naruto and Sasuke.

Seeing no compromise, Jigen warps himself and Naruto to his personal dimension but is sucker kicked by Sasuke, who follows Naruto's chakra there. Jigen muses on his poor timing, stating that if he had arrived later, he could have brought back Naruto without a futile battle, and laughs when Naruto and Sasuke instead declare the terrain allows them to fight freely against him. Despite his opponent's bravado, Jigen calmly leveled with them in combat, using his fighting skills, Kama's powers and his ability to manipulate matter to effectively fight them off, proving to be a worthy foe even against the two strongest shinobi in history. However, after they had learned of the true nature of his abilities, they were able to eventually corner him but Jigen successfully escapes unscathed and proceeds to compliment his foes for fighting so well before finally revealing his true power, activating the same transformed state he showed unknowingly to Sasuke.

Jigen is then angrily shocked when Sasuke reveals that he is aware of that power, calling him a wretch and demanding to know where he learned the location of that dimension, only for Sasuke and Naruto to ignore the question and activate their full power. Unfazed, Jigen soon gains the upper hand decisively on them, breaking even their mighty avatar forms of Susanoo and Kurama with ease and soon having them on their knees all with simple physical attacks and large rods. However, while easily dominant, in fact, his opponents still held on enough to make him use way too much chakra and the blackened section of his body cracks. Isshiki, now seemingly in control, comments that Jigen's body cannot fully keep pace with his power. Realizing that if he continues to fight, he would lose, he restrains both Naruto and Sasuke with black rods impaling them, badly injuring them. Although able to kill Naruto, Jigen decides against it, both as he wouldn't want to waste the chakra needed and seemingly because he wants to use Kawaki to force Naruto to cooperate, but he still easily has the power to kill Sasuke, but fails as Sasuke warps away. Jigen then prepares to seal Naruto along with the Nine-Tails away. As Naruto tries to insult Jigen, the Nine-Tails advises him to not provoke him any further and that it is better that he is sparing his life for the moment. Jigen agrees with the Nine-Tails stating that he has no issue with Naruto and targets Boruto but seemingly warning him that once he recovers, he will use him as a bargaining chip for Kawaki, tells him that should he try to fight him again, apparently calculating the possibility of Naruto trying to rescue Kawaki upon him capturing back his adopted son, it will be his end and tells him to enjoy the dark surroundings he is now trapped in, musing that at least he doesn't have to be busy anymore. Jigen then sealed both Naruto and the Nine-Tails away. Afterwards, Jigen collapses begin to tear up from the amount of pain his body is going through. Isshiki says that Jigen is too weak to be his own vessel.

Returning to the Kara base, Jigen, critically weakened from the battle, is treated by Amado who rebukes Jigen for fighting so powerfully, noting that it would take 2 days to return to full power as his chakra is almost zero. Jigen, unconcerned, happily thinks about Kawaki and how much he has progressed as the vessel, proud of his adopted son's growth. He remarks on Kawaki and Boruto's progress stating that they will soon become Ōtsutsukis with the power that they have and ensures Amado all of Kara will be rewarded just as he has promised.



  • With the power of Isshiki Otsutsuki, who seemingly is sealed inside him, Jigen remains the strongest character currently in the entire Naruto series, clearly dwarfing the might of not only the empowered Momoshiki, but even Kaguya too.


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