Jojo Stardust 2

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Jigen Taishi is the main antagonist of Samurai Shodown Warrior's Rage.


Jigen Taishi was a important religious figure, often revered as the "Earthly Buddah". Deciding to overthrow the current government to create a new order centered around his own figure, Jigen started a conspiracy, using his influence to gather followers to his cause, among them Oboro, who became his right-hand. When the authorities learn about his ambitions, Jigen and Oboro flee to the lawless island of Ritenkyo. Jigen orders Oboro to create the Razor Trio, in order to establish themselves as rulers of the place. The government secretly employs various enforcers to infiltrate the island and capture Jigen Taishi.

After Oboro is killed and the Razor Trio disbanded, Hanzo Hattori and his Iga Ninjas find out that Jigen Taishi had already been dead for quite some time, explaining why he is never seen during the game.


  • Though he is never seen, he is the main driving force behind the game's plot.



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