The Jiha Village Chief is the head of the Jiha Village where Kamina and Simon are from and a minor antagonist in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, appearing only in the first episode.


In order to expand the village, the Village Chief had diggers like Simon dig holes throughout the walls of the village to create more space for them to build into. The Village Chief also attempted to make sure no one would try to reach the surface, telling his people there was nothing above and that unsealing the canopy would only lead to bad consequences.

When Kamina and Team Gurren attempted to reach top of the village to pierce through it with Simon's drill with a herd of pigmoles, the Village Chief appeared to stop their attempt. He again insisted there was no surface and stated that their ancestors had warned them not to unseal the canopy, declaring that anyone who did not understand that rule would not get to eat. Hearing this, the other three members of Team Gurren turned against Kamina, but Simon stayed with him. After an earthquake interrupted their conversation, the Village Chief proclaimed to his villagers his duty to look after them and threatened to banish anyone who refused to do what he told before having Kamina locked up in the village dungeon.

However, Kamina was busted out by Simon with his drill, and the two went to look at a mysterious face Simon had found while drilling (which was really a Gunman), only to be met by the Village Chief. The chief brought down his sheathed sword on Kamina but Kamina did not flinch from any of the blows the Chief struck him with. Just then, another earthquake occurred and a massive Gunman fell down into the village. As the chief stood petrified in shock, Kamina mocked him for falling flat on his self-proclaimed duty to protect the village and grabbed the sword from him to go out and confront the Gunman himself. It is unknown what happened to the Chief afterwards.


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