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John left you five envelopes; the sixth one was for me.
~ Jill after kidnapping Hoffman
They're addicts John. Recovery is a process.
~ Jill Tuck to her former husband, John Kramer.
If you're watching this Jill, I'm long gone from this world. You are my heart, you always have been, always will be.
~ John Kramer on Jill's video.

Jillian "Jill" Tuck is a major character in the Saw franchise. She served as a flashback cameo character in Saw III, a minor character in Saw IV and Saw V, the secondary antagonist in Saw VI, the deuteragonist of Saw 3D and a mentioned character in Jigsaw.

She is the ex-wife of John Kramer, who became Jigsaw, and a doctor who owns a recovery clinic. Despite their divorce, Jill remained loyal yet disapproving of John's actions, keeping secrets and working alongside him in certain master plans. She was then associated with Mark Hoffman, until betraying him, getting herself killed in the end.

She was portrayed by Betsy Russell.


Early life

In her 40s, Jill is the ex-wife and accomplice of the series' villain Jigsaw. She and John Kramer (Jigsaw) were once a healthy, rich and happily married couple, with John being an extremely skilled, conceited and manipulative builder and civil engineer who owned his own building company (Gideon Industries), which had built half of the city's skyscrapers and Jill owning a successful drug clinic. The Kramers were very successful and lived good lives, with John planning to take some of the buildings he built and go real estate one day. Jill was pregnant and she and John were expecting a boy named Gideon (after John's company); however, a break-in at her clinic by one of her patients named Cecil Adams resulted in Gideon dying. John became depressed and divorced himself from his wife, before cutting himself off from his friends.

John got sick and contracted advanced cancer and a brain tumor, causing him to become even more depressed, especially after he saw others wasting their lives, the very gift he was being denied, by working as criminals, slashing their wrists for attention, scamming others, etc. John tried to kill himself but failed and decided to teach others how to appreciate there placing them in life-threatening traps for them to escape often by self-harm.

Jill became aware of her ex-husband's actions as the Jigsaw killer (likely because he told her) but kept quiet, not wanting John to get arrested. Jill unsuccessfully tried to convince John to stop, seeing it as her responsibility being his ex-wife, but John showed her Amanda Young, who had now quit her drug addiction cold turkey. This convinced Jill that John's methods worked after all, and she slowly started to think what he was doing was right, even providing drugs and other supplies to aid him in setting up his traps. Jill still tried to convince John otherwise, but after his death, she came to fully embrace his work.

Jill did not become a villain until Saw VI where her ties to Jigsaw were revealed and she read John's will, which requested her to become Mark Hoffman's assistant, which she gladly did so. This included helping Hoffman frame others for his crimes and telling him all the people that needed to be kidnapped. Jill was supposed to test Hoffman and than leave the city so she would no longer have to be a part of the killings, but instead she tried to kill Hoffman after she received a letter from Pamela Jenkins in which was revealed that Hoffman blackmailed Amanda. After watching William Easton be bisected by acid in his game, which marked the end of his test. Jill rigged Hoffman's reverse bear trap but he still managed to escape it and go after her.

In Saw 3D, Jill was afraid of Hoffman so she decided to turn herself in to the police and reveal her and Hoffman's roles and his hideout and go into witness protection. Unfortunately for Jill, the police hunt for Hoffman did not go so well, as he broke into the police station, murdered every last officer in the building, and knocked her out by smashing her head on a table. He then placed the Reverse Bear Trap on her without a key. Jill tried to scream but the lethal trap's time expired and her jaw was ripped open, killing her with Hoffman saying "Game Over", becoming the final person Hoffman ever killed.


In response to Jill's death, Dr. Lawrence Gordon kidnapped Hoffman and locked him in the bathroom trap, leaving him to slowly die of starvation or dehydration, meaning that Jill technically got the last laugh.

Saw: Rebirth

Jill's first appearance was in the comic Saw: Rebirth, presented here as the girlfriend of the future Jigsaw Killer John Kramer. She was briefly shown with John telling him that the months she had spent with him had been the best of her life, but that she needed "more" from him. She is next seen yelling at John, and due to his fear of commitment, she breaks up with him and leaves. John later states that she "ripped out" his heart, and that the "hole" was still there. His experience with Jill causes him to realize that his life has been a waste, and this, coupled with his diagnosis of cancer shortly after, leads him down the path to becoming "Jigsaw".

The "Jill" presented here differs greatly from the one showcased in the films: in the films she is in her 40s and has dark blonde hair, while in the comic her hair is black and she appears younger. The films also clarified that Jill was in fact John's ex-wife, and that they had divorced after John had become detached and angry after the death of their unborn child. Thus, the story shown here is not canon with that of the films.


  • Due to the revelation from Jigsaw that John Kramer had a nephew, it's possible that Jill may have had a brother or a sister. However, whether John's nephew was from Jill's side or from his own side is never specified.


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