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Jim is the villainous main protagonist from the 2016 Netflix comedy TV show Haters Back Off. He is the brother of Kelly, the uncle of Miranda and Emily, and the brother in-law of Bethany. Jim's last name is unknown. Jim is responsible for several crimes over the years of his life.

He was portrayed by Steve Little.


Uncle Jim is perhaps one of the most selfish, destructive, and unintentionally villainous characters. Uncle Jim is perhaps the second most destructive force in the household behind the protagonist, having declared himself Miranda's manager because he had no better employment options. Jim is shown to be lowly intelligent. He will do anything he can to get his niece Miranda famous. It is also possible that Jim is a pedophile and has a sexual desire for Miranda.

He basically a henchman to Miranda because he usually does whatever she wants without question, even if it is illegal! He is one of the two henchman that does whatever Miranda wants, The other henchman is a teenager named Patrick Mooney, Patrick is in love with Miranda and does whatever she wants. Jim also once hired an Elderly henchman to help Miranda... But Jim and Miranda got him arrested. Jim also once sold his brother's car for 500 dollars. He is also a hoarder and often trashes the home.

Jim also strangely has a toilet in his bedroom.


All that is known about Jim's childhood is that he is the brother of Kelly, he was the best at ribbon dancing in his school and he was kicked out of high school because he smuggled fireworks into his school and almost killed somebody.

Jim eventually moves in with his brother and his wife. A few years pass and Kelly leaves the family. When his niece Miranda is older she becomes self absorbed and bratty so Jim starts to assist her on Miranda's ridiculous adventures, such as breaking in a nursing home, trying to smuggle himself into an airplane because he is on the "NO FLY" list, breaking into a middle school to kidnap a girl supposedly posing as Miranda, and getting involved in a sexual relationship with his sister-in-law. Before the series' cancellation, Jim was living in the attic of a rental house because he got evicted.

Jim and Miranda also Indirectly killed an elderly man at a nursing home, It is possible that Jim has killed a second person because after the man dies Jim says he has been around a corpse before, Implying that he might have killed that man too.