Jim Beckett is the villain of the movie Instinct to Kill.

He was portrayed by Tim Abbel.


Beckett is a former police officer, who enjoyed raping women and committing murder and showed no remorse in his actions. He spied on a cheerleader named Tess who he later married. A few months into the marriage he began to beat and rape her after he discovered her birth control pills. One day she discovered a chopped finger and when she attempted to escape, He tried to suffocate her, but was arrested. Unfortunately, he is also a master of disguise and escapes his prison cell then he begins to track Tess down.

Upon hearing of Beckett's escape, Tess begins self defense training with former Soldier JT Dillon. After Murdering Tess' Friends and mother, Beckett tracks Her down and fights Dillon. Tess attempts to shoot Beckett, but he holds Dillon hostage and threatens to kill him unless Tess lowers her gun. When she does, Beckett Cruelly mocks her, but she shoots him in the shoulder, saving Dillon's life. When stuck on the ground Beckett tells Tess murder can be fun, but Tess says what she's doing is justice. She then fatally shoots Beckett, ending his rampage forever.