Afternoon, Marshal. Did you really think that prison cell would hold me for long? Just like old times, except I ain't wearing cuffs this time, and you ain't gonna live!
~ Jim Hall trying to kill Weedon Scott.

James "Jim" Hall is a supporting antagonist in the 2018 Netflix original White Fang. He is a sociopathic criminal who wants to kill Weedon Scott for putting cuffs on him.

He was voiced by Dave Boat, who also played Erik from the 2013 Disney film Frozen and Bubbha in the 2015 Pixar film The Good Dinosaur.


After Weedon and Hank's chase with a pack of wolves, Jim Hall argues with Weedon about the wolves trying to kill him and warns him that he'll bust his cuffs before they hang him. After Hank discovers Kiche, he sees her wounded leg and tries to shoot her to put her out of her misery, but White Fang arrives to protect his mother. Jim Hall tells Weedon to shoot him, but Weedon warns him that he'd shoot him first.

As Beauty Smith and Curtis plan to steal White Fang back, they hire Jim Hall to finish the job. The next morning, Jim Hall attacks Weedon and tries to kill him until White Fang attacks him. As White Fang confronts him, Weedon knocks him unconscious. After White Fang and Weedon defeat Beauty Smith and Curtis, Hank arrives and arrests them.


  • He is loosely based on Jim Hall from the 1906 novel, where he tried to kill Weedon Scott's father, Judge Scott for sentencing him for a crime he didn't commit until White Fang saved his life.


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