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Honestly, honesty is the best policy. At least they're not hiding anything from me, and neither am I from them.
~ Jimmy's usual phrase.

Jimmy is the main protagonist villain of the Creepypasta, LIARS .

He was a high school student who loves to make a crude and unfunny jokes which caused the bullies to throw an acid on his face and got it burned. However, he began to lose his sanity and plans to get revenge on the bullies by murdering them, one by one.


Jimmy started out as a seemingly innocent teenager, but was soon hated by some of his classmates for being a "confident and funny guy". Jimmy was the one to likely crack a joke and he would often be the target for bullies to beat him up for his wise cracks. However Jimmy was content on who he was, as he never told a lie in his life and going by a code, "Honesty is the best policy. at least they're not hiding anything from me, and neither am I from them."

One day an angry classmate named Brett finally had enough of Jimmy's wise guy attitude after he made a crude joke at Brett. He and a group of kids who hated Jimmy cornered him after school, dragged him to the science lab and threw acid on his face, causing burns that scarred him horribly. The principal questioned the gang and they told them that Jimmy did it to himself and they were only there to help him, which he believed. Jimmy was horrified that Brett and his gang got away with what they've done, and he planned his revenge on each of them while in the hospital.

Months later, Brett receives a video tape in the mail, and upon watching the tape realizes that his friends who had a hand in with disfiguring Jimmy were tortured and killed. Brett, fearing for his life tries to run away only to be tripped by Jimmy. The story ends with Jimmy saying a single phrase, "LIARS" before pouring acid all over Brett, killing him.



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