Well, well, well sheriff, fancy seeing a man of your sober disposition in a low down drinking establishment.
~ Jimmy to Sheriff Kryten
Why don't you try it, Sheriff. They say you used to be faster than a toilet stop in rattlesnake country.
~ Jimmy to Sheriff Kryten

Jimmy is the minor antagonist from the Red Dwarf episode Gunmen of the Apocalypse and the novel Backwards. He is a professional western gambler and gunslinger who often bullies Sheriff Kryten. In real world, he is just a manifestation of the Armageddon Virus in Kryten's wild west dream.

He is portrayed by Steve Devereaux.



When there is the Armageddon Virus in Starbug, Kryten gives it to himself in order to work on an antidote. He starts dreaming that he is an always drunk sheriff of a small town in the wild west.

At first, Sheriff Kryten (Carton in the novel) enters the bar to Last Chance Saloon looking for his next drink. At the door, he is greeted by a gambler called Jimmy who sarcastically remarks it is very rare to see a man of his "sober disposition in a low down drinking establishment". When Kryten passes him, Jimmy trips him up. Angry Kryten is about to argue with him, but when everyone in the saloon take out their gunslingers on him, he gives up and get himself a drink.

It is also Jimmy who tells Kryten about the Apocalypse Boys who show up in the street outside and want to speak with him.

To help their friend, Lister, Rimmer and the Cat enter the dream as computer game characters. They find him in the saloon, drinking again, when Jimmy suddenly uses his whip to grab Kryten's whiskey bottle and taunts him. Lister uses his knife skills to serve Jimmy's whip, disarm an pins him to the wall. Jimmy tries to insult him when Lister throws and apple into his mouth. Spitting out the apple, Jimmy calls to his two henchmen, Frank and Nuke, to shoot Lister. This is the turn for the Cat who uses his gunslinging abilities by shooting their bullets out of the air. The rest of Jimmy's friends get angry and attack the heroes, only to be beaten by Rimmer by his bare-fist fighting skills.

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