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Jimmy Barnes is a minor, yet pivotal antagonist in Lucifer. He served as the first antagonist of Season 1 and a minor character in Season 6.

He was a record producer who ordered the death of the singer Delilah. His actions caused the titular character to start solving crimes, setting up the events of the series.

He was portrayed by John Pankow.


Jimmy had a poor life, with his mother abandoning him and him being taken away by the Child Protective Services. As a teenager, he was fired from his music band, and also dumped his girlfriend due to believing she's not good enough for him. As an adult, Jimmy produced the records of the singer Delilah and the two of them eventually got engaged until she ended it for another singer. Eventually, as Jimmy's finances were declining, he anticipated that her death would generate a spike in her album sales that would get him royalty checks.

Using the watch that she gave him to pay off an assassin, he had Delilah killed, which unfortunately involved Lucifer Morningstar, who survived the attack. Lucifer then visited him during his wedding to another woman and interrogated him for answers, which led him to the singer she dumped him for. Lucifer then proceeded to unintentionally ruin his wedding before leaving. After Lucifer and L.A.P.D. Detective Chloe Decker deduce that he was behind Delilah's death after learning of her album sales spike, they confront him in his studio. After Chloe shoots him and he retaliates by shooting her, Lucifer terrorizes him with his devil-face.

In the following episode, "Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil.", it is revealed that he has been held in a mental facility. Chloe visited him in his cell in regards of how Lucifer survived being shot and he screamed that Lucifer was the Devil before being taken away by the orderlies. A year before the events of Season 6, Jimmy dies while imprisoned and is send to Hell where he's tortured. Lucifer decides to visit Barnes and help him because he though that, so he can be God, he needs to help people he doesn't care about. Alongside Chloe, Lucifer enters Jimmy's Hell Loop and discovers his tragic past; He manipulates the loop so that a child version of Jimmy will be forever embraced by his mother, saying that while he can't help him with his guilt, this will do for now.


  • Considering that he was a record producer, he was possibly named after the real-life rock singer Jimmy Barnes.


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