I gotta go work... all night. The hell's going on out here?
~ Jimmy to Cody on Norman's entrance.

James "Jimmy" Brennan was the father of Cody Brennan, and a minor antagonist in the TV show Bates Motel. He was an abusive father towards Cody and later met his end at the hands of her boyfriend, Norman Bates.

He was portrayed by Michael Rogers.


Jimmy Brennan originally grew up in Indiana with his sister, but at some point moved to White Pine Bay, Oregon. According to Alex Romero, Jimmy was a very unhappy man throughout his life. He dealt with his unhappiness with alcohol and this addiction would lead to an abusive relationship with his daughter, Cody Brennan. He'd often yell at her on a whim including a time when she goes back to the house to get money she had forgotten. Though according to her, he could be a nice father sometimes when he wasn't drunk and they would enjoy watching movies together.

One day, Jimmy is taking a nap before he has to go to work, but Cody's boyfriend, Norman, is having a fight with her and Jimmy walks in on it. He berates Cody, punches Norman in the face and puts Cody in a headlock. An enrages Norman shoves Jimmy away from her, accidentally pushing him down the basement stairs, killing him. Norman was taken to the police and Jimmy's death was officially ruled out as an accident-however the police would later match Norman's DNA with that of Blaire Watson's house, whom Norman had murdered 4 months earlier. Cody was sent to Indiana to live with her aunt.

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