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Look, Skid. We don't have to worry about any of them beating us in the scooter tournament. They don't even have scooters that work.
~ Jimmy to Skid.

Jimmy Bumples is a male weasel character who is the main antagonist of JumpStart Advanced 1st Grade: Fundamentals.


Jimmy Bumples has light gray fur with a lighter gray face and stomach. He wears a darker gray T-shirt, helmet, and fingerless gloves.

Personality and Characteristics

Jimmy Bumples is a "weaselly" bully who doesn't feel bad about cheating to win. He is quite smug, and he often brags about his scooter skills and puts others down. He has a sly, sneering voice that is very condescending.

Role in JumpStart Advanced 1st Grade: Fundamentals

Jimmy Bumples destroys Squirt's scooter at the beginning of the game. After the user has won one race on a given track, they must win another race against Jimmy and one other character for that track to be "won". When this process is completed for all the main characters' tracks, Jimmy's track is unlocked, and the game is won if that track is beaten. He is the only racer who is not playable and who does not have his own powerup.

He also appears in the activity Casey's Soccer Field as an obstacle on later gameplay levels.

He has a "sidekick" named Skid.