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Villain Overview

I need big shows, Jerry! Big ideas!
~ Jimmy Crystal.
Jimmy Crystal: Hey, One last thing. Don't you ever do nothing to make me look bad! You got that?
Buster Moon: Oh, I will never let that happen, sir!
Jimmy Crystal: You better not or I'll throw you off the roof!
~ Crystal threatening Buster Moon - his famous quote.
Jimmy Crystal: Well, I've got you now, you lowlife, little loser!
Buster Moon: No, sir. I'm not a loser. We did what we came here to do. And there's nothing you can do or say to change that.
Jimmy Crystal: (chuckles evily) Oh, I can do whatever I want!
~ Crystal's mental breakdown before making his final attempt to murder Buster Moon as Buster finally stands up to him, thus showing no fear of Jimmy anymore.

Jimmy Crystal is the main antagonist of Illumination's 11th full-length animated feature film Sing 2.

He is an Arctic wolf who is the head of Crystal Entertainment, the father of Porsha Crystal, the former boss of Suki and Buster Moon's arch-nemesis. Crystal holds auditions for musical shows at his theatre, but it later turns out that if the directors of his shows don't give him what he wants, he is willing to make them pay for displeasing him, to the point of even trying to murder them.

He was voiced by Bobby Cannavale, who also played James Kent in Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Gyp Rosetti in Boardwalk Empire, Guy Danlily in Annie, Sergio De Luca in Spy, Irving in Mr. Robot, Russel Van Pelt in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and William Stevens/The King in Thunder Force and by Akio Ōtsuka in the Japanese dub, who also voices All For One and Blackbeard.



Jimmy is an anthropomorphic Arctic wolf with white fur, sharp teeth and blue eyes. He wears a black suit, a white collared shirt, some pairs of tie, and black shoes with black ironed pants. His tie includes a regular black color, a magenta one with golden guitar initials on it, and a loosened dark blue tie which he ends up straightening it.


Jimmy is best described as hard-nosed and overzealous, in which case he will do whatever it takes to make big shows. He is also a tough crowd pleaser as he is never very easy to satisfy. Jimmy was also shown to be menacing and threatening when he urges someone to do something quickly. When his daughter got "fired", his personality descends into a sadistic, short-tempered, and slightly unhinged agenda. He absolutely hates being made a fool out of and anyone objecting to his authority in any way.

When he learns that Buster Moon tricked and lied to him, he is justifiably angry, but takes it too far when he tries to drop Moon from the top floor of his building, only stopping to address a media appointment to save face, but continuing to hold a grudge against Moon. He orders his men to find him so he can dispose of him. He becomes more enraged when his daughter, Porsha, stood up to him and refused to listen to him during the performance. He begins to lose his sanity and eventually tries to kill Moon again by throwing him off the stage scaffolding.

However, he never gave a thought that he inadvertently exposed his actions as well as his true, sadistic personality right in front of the audience who were watching the show, which leads to him being arrested for his crimes. He is also shown to be a rather distant, albeit nepotistic parent, giving his daughter Porsha whatever she wants and paying more attention to his job and image. Even worse, he displayed caring more about his own professional image and reputation than the feelings of his upset daughter, when he blamed her for "getting fired" and how that would make him look to the public (even though Porsha was not actually fired and it was only a misunderstanding on her part). And his reckless actions of trying to kill Buster and endangering his friends cause Crystal to be arrested and lose his entire career and his company.


While looking for new talent, Crystal meets Buster Moon and his friends, who claim they can get retired rock star Clay Calloway to perform in his show. Liking the idea, Crystal orders them to get things put up or he'll throw Moon off a roof (which Buster initially thinks is Crystal's dark sense of humor).

Buster is then called to Crystal’s office, where he tells him that his guys spoke to Calloway’s lawyer and say that he's never heard of Buster or his show. This enrages him, threatening him that no one makes a fool of him and that if it wasn't for his daughter being in his show, he would throw him out of the window by now. He warns Buster to have Calloway by the end of the week or face his wraith. Buster promises to fix things, and leaves to go get Calloway.

However, later on in the movie after noticing Buster Moon had "fired" his daughter, he tries to throw Buster off his building, but instead, he has him locked up in a closet in his office when a TV interview becomes more of a priority, stating he will finish the job of killing him later. He later finds out that Buster escaped and sends out his security guards to track him down and hunt his friends as well.

However, they all escaped and instead of running away, they decided to put in the show they worked hard on behind Crystal's back and got a little help to make sure he doesn't try to stop them. Crystal then finds out from Jerry that Buster's crew are performing the show without his knowledge and has his men take him there so he can finish him off.

When Crystal and his goons enter the theater, he gets hold off by Big Daddy and his gang to prevent him from stopping the show. He orders his henchman to get rid of the gang, but they are easily defeated. He manages to get past them and goes backstage to see Porsha performing and orders her to get off the stage, but she finally stands up to him, running up to him as she taunts him, much to his anger. As Crystal threatens to stop the show, he gets locked in a trap door under the stage by Buster, but he manages to escape with Jerry's help and he grabs Buster and quickly uses an elevator, cowardly fleeing from Buster's friends without a fight so they can't stop him, but Buster finally stands up to Crystal, showing no fear of him anymore as he tells him what they did was right and they got what they wanted as he tells him there's nothing he can do to stop them. His correct words make Crystal more enraged as he foolishly claims he can do whatever he wants and throws him off from a scaffolding in front of the audience watching the show.

Buster is saved by Rosita, who overcomes her fear of heights to save the koala. Suki manages to stop Crystal from going back down to kill Buster again, leaving Crystal stuck and subdued by Johnny's dad until the performance is over. Upon realizing that the show was a success, he attempts to take credit for it and claims that the show will be performing again at his theatre. However, Buster and the crew have left, abandoning Crystal, leaving him to look like a fool of himself, thus causing him to be mocked by the entire audience. This also reveals his true nature to the general public, and he is promptly arrested for his crimes. It is unknown what became of him later, but it is most likely that on account of his crimes, Crystal was sentenced to prison for life.


"Ordinary" and "school." Two words I will never be associated with.
~ Jimmy Crystal.
Crystal: Are you telling me you-you got Clay Calloway's permission to use his song?
Moon: Well, what if I told you I did?
Crystal: Ah. Okay, so what, you got some kind of personal connection to this guy?
Moon: How else would I get it?
Crystal: Wait, if you know him, then you could get him in the show, right? Oh, that'd be huge for me. Huge.
~ Jimmy Crystal impatient that the participation of Clay Calloway will bring him in profit.
Crystal: MOON!!!
Moon: Mr. Crystal.
Crystal: Your set designs are a disgrace!
Moon: What?
Crystal: [Laughs] I'm just messing with you. Where's you sense of humor, huh? Anyway, this is my daughter Porsha.
Porsha: Hey.
Moon: Nice to meet you, Porsha.
Crystal: She wants to meet Calloway. Big fan, aren't you, baby?
~ Crystal visiting the preparations for Out of This World.
Porsha: Daddy, he won't let me jump!
Crystal: Moon, come on. Let her do the thing.
~ Crystal allows his daughter everything.
Crystal: Moon, walk with me. What's wrong with you, huh? What, you got a kink in your think?
Moon: It's just that I wrote this part for Rosita and...
Crystal: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let me tell you something, Moon. What you got here is an opportunity to make me happy. And when an opportunity like that comes along, you'd better grab it! You get me?
Moon: Uh...
Crystal: What? You don't think my daughter's good enough for your show?
Moon: No, Mr. Crystal. Well, I-I think she's wonderful.
Crystal: Oh, good. So you'll figure it out.
Moon: I'll Yes, I will.
~ Crystal forces Moon to hand over the lead role to Porsha.
Crystal: My team, they talked to Calloway's lawyer, and they say he's never heard of you, or your show.
Moon: Really? They said that? Uh...
~ Crystal informing Moon about Calloway, revealing how he now knows Buster lied to him about knowing Calloway.
Crystal: YOU LIED TO ME!!
Buster: I didn't mean to. Okay? Uh, honestly, I really thought I could get him.
Crystal: No one makes me look like a fool. NO ONE!!!
Moon: I-I-I wouldn't dream of doing that to you!
Crystal: I swear, if I didn't have my kid in your show, you'd be out that window by now!!
Buster: Please, please, please! I'm so sorry.
Crystal: You'd better have Calloway by the end of next week or SO HELP ME!!
~ Jimmy’s first breakdown.
Crystal: He fired my daughter? MY DAUGHTER?! Would you be quiet? You've embarrassed me enough.
Porsha: But, Daddy...
Crystal: Now the whole world thinks I got a talentless loser for a daughter! Take her home. Bring me Moon.
~ Crystal getting angry and neglecting his own daughter, not caring about her feelings and only caring about his image.
Crystal: You fired Porsha.
Moon: No. No. I never fired her.
Crystal: You calling her a liar?
Moon: No, no, no, no, She just got it wrong, is all. I was only trying to help her do the best she could, and be-believe me, I-I-I just wanted to do the right thing.
Crystal: The right thing to do... [Crystal grabs Moon by the shirt] what I tell you to do!
Moon: But I did! I-I-I delivered a great show. And Ca-Calloway, he's coming. [Crystal holds Moon above the void] No, no, no! Stop! Stop! No!
Crystal: You really think I'd let a lowlife little amateur loser like you humiliate me?
Moon: Please! Please!
Crystal: You made me look bad.
Moon: No, no! I didn't mean to! No!
Crystal: So I'm gonna have to let you go.
~ Jimmy Crystal’s second breakdown and arguing with Buster as he fearfully tries to explain, mercilessly ignoring his plea and about to kill him.
Moon: You-you nearly killed me.
Crystal: And I'll finish the job later.
~ Crystal locks Moon in a closet with the intention of finishing the job after the interview.
Moon got out. Find him.
~ Crystal ordering his men to find Moon after he escaped.
I shut down my show cause of a talentless little twerp called Buster Moon. Seriously, you should've seen this teeny, tiny loser. Oh, and his pathetic amateur friends... let's just say, whatever Podunk town they crawled out of, that's where they belong, cause it sure ain't this great city.
~ Crystal addressing to a media appointment, mocking Moon and his friends.
Good night, Porsha. All right, be that way. I don't care. Spoiled little brat.
~ Crystal passive-aggressively saying goodnight to Porsha for giving him a silent treatment, unaware that she left her room.
Jerry: Mr. Crystal!
Crystal: Ahh! Jerry!
Raul: I tried to stop him, sir.
Jerry: I'm sorry to wake you up, sir! It's Moon! He's taken over the theatre and putting his show up right now!! (Jimmy gets out of the bed)
Crystal: He's WHAAAATTT?!?!?!?! (Jerry screams like a little girl when he sees him naked)
~ Jimmy being learned by Jerry that Buster is playing the show at the theatre.
Crystal: "Hey, who the heck are you? Where's my security?.
Big Daddy: We’re security now, mate.
~ Crystal being prevented by Big Daddy and his gang from entering the theater.
Crystal: You traitor. That's it, I'm coming out there! [Moon activates the opening of the trap door and Crystal falls into it.]
Moon: Miss Crawly put some cushions and snacks down there, so you should be comfortable till the show's over.
Crystal: YOU LITTLE...
~ Crystal gets locked in a trapdoor by Buster.
Thank you, thank you! You're too kind! I appreciate it, really, I-I do! Look, I am very proud of this show! We did great work here, great work! And my good friend Clay, Great to have him back, right? (Audience cheering) Yeah! And listen, I look forward to seeing this show run in my theater, for many many years to come. Right, Moon? (Jimmy notices that Buster Moon and his friends had already left) Moon?
~ Jimmy Crystal's final words before his arrest.


  • Before Bobby Cannavale was cast to voice Jimmy Crystal, Jeremy Renner, Ben Mendelsohn, Kyle Chandler, Leonardo DiCaprio, David Harbour, Joaquin Phoenix, Kevin Spacey, Chris Kattan, Neil Patrick Harris, Thomas Haden Church, Tom Hanks, Dave Foley, Christopher McDonald, Tom Cruise, Daniel Craig, Alec Baldwin, Rupert Everett, Tommy Lee Jones, Michael Imperioli, Tim Blake Nelson, Christopher Walken, Jim Carrey, and Kelsey Grammer were considered for the role.
  • He is the first antagonist of a sequel to a film by Illumination to not have a predecessor, as Mike from the first film was more of an anti-hero than a villain.
  • It is unknown what became of his wife, whether she passed away or divorced him because of his behavior.
  • Despite Jimmy's intelligence on finding out himself that Buster lied to him, he still gets easily fooled by others about being honest with him. This proves that Jimmy Crystal is not as smart as he claimed he was. For instance, during the show, he unwisely throws Buster over in front of a live audience with the cost of his entire career and getting arrested for trying to kill Buster and hurting his friends. He even made himself look like a moron when he tried to save his face and foolishly believed that Buster and his friends would stay and perform in his theatre again despite everything he put them through.
  • It is possible that, should a third Sing movie happen, Jimmy would break out of jail and seek revenge on Buster Moon.
  • Jimmy Crystal is the third animated canine in a feature film to be voiced by Bobby Cannavale, following Frankie the Bulldog from The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature and Spike Bulldog from Tom & Jerry, the latter of which also released in 2021. He is also the first one not to be a bulldog.

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