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James Riddle "Jimmy" Hoffa was the title character of the 1992 movie Hoffa.

In the early 1930s Jimmy was a Teamsters union organizer who was working to organize the various trucking firms and laundries around Detroit, Michigan. As such he met a young truck driver named Robert "Bobby" Ciaro. Riding over an hour in his cab Hoffa tried to convince him of the need to join the Teamsters. A few days later Hoffa showed up at Bobby's workplace and accidentally got him fired. Bobby tried to seek revenge but was convinced at gunpoint to back away by Hoffa's associate Billy Flynn.

Flynn and Hoffa needed a driver for a job, namely to blow up a laundry that was not cooperate with Hoffa's unionization efforts and hired Bobby for the job. The two men blew up the laundry but Flynn was fatally burned in the process. At the hospital Bobby backed up Hoffa when the police questioned them. Hoffa and Bobby watched as Flynn was given last rights and died. Bobby took Flynn's place as his right hand man.

When a Teamsters strike of Kreiger Trucking interfered with mob interests a couple Mafia soldiers were sent to bring Hoffa to a sit down. Bobby's fluency in Italian was very useful, and served as Hoffa's translator. At the meeting Hoffa was able to convince the Mafia to join with him, and as a result the Teamsters were successful in the strike. Hoffa began a 40 year alliance with the mafia, especially Carlo D'Allesandro.

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