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James "Jimmy O" O'Phelan is a major antagonist in the TV series Sons of Anarchy, serving as a minor antagonist in Season 2 and one of the two main antagonists in Season 3 (along with June Stahl). He is also the archenemy of Chibs Telford.

He was played by Titus Welliver, who also portrayed James Savoy in Transformers: Age of Extinction and Rob Miller in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.


Jimmy O'Phelan is the face of True IRA, an Irish criminal organization that sells guns for SAMCRO. Prior to the events of the series, Jimmy kicked out Chibs Telford out of IRA, sliced scars on both of his cheeks and then stole his wife and daughter. Chibs thus developed a deep hatred towards Jimmy and swore revenge upon him. Years later he intended to marry Kerrianne, Chibs' adopted daughter after Fiona had become "too old for him".

In Season 3, Jimmy tries to kill all of SAMCRO in an explosion after receiving a demotion in Ireland. He then uses Jax Teller's kidnapped baby boy Abel as his ace to keep the deal between IRA and SAMCRO, desperately trying to find his location and eliminating everyone who knows about his whereabouts. He mercilessly tortures and executes Sean Casey, one of his own men in order to find him. Later Jimmy murders the adoptive family Abel was placed with and takes him in order to ensure his return in the United States.

Jimmy then gives Abel back to Jax and takes Father Kellan Ashby as his new hostage, only to kill him later. The Russian Mafia, IRA's affiliation, ends up betraying Jimmy to SAMCRO and he is eventually stabbed to death by Chibs but not until giving him the same Glasgow smile Jimmy gave him years before.


  • Jimmy O'Phelan is notable for being one of the few villains in Sons of Anarchy who has no loved ones and was never shown in a positive way, being the most vile and repulsive character in the series, along with Alice Noone.
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