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I wonder, is it better to have a talented snake or a stoical lion, who's gonna be cut down in his prime?
~ Jimmy Pegorino asking Niko Bellic a question during their first official meeting.

James "Jimmy" Pegorino is a major antagonist of the Grand Theft Auto 4 trilogy. He served as the secondary antagonist in Grand Theft Auto IV, thus serving as the secondary antagonist of the Deal Ending and the main antagonist of the Revenge Ending. He is also a mentioned character in Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned.

He was an over-ambitious mob boss and the leader of the Alderney based Pegorino Crime Family, which he took over after his father died. He is looked down upon by the Liberty City based Mafia organizations, and he is unable to get a seat on The Commission. Towards the end of the game, Pegorino later gets involved in a major gangland collusion with Russian crime lord Dimitri Rascalov.

He was voiced by Tony Patellis.


Early Life

Jimmy Pegorino was born in Alderney City, Alderney. His father was the founder of the Pegorino Family, a faction that was highly disrespected by the others mobsters.

At some point, Jimmy was arrested for theft three times during the mid 1970s. It was around that time where he married Angie and they ended up having a son together.

Taking control over the family

Eventually, Jimmy gained leadership over the Pegorino Family, and he desperately wanted to join The Commission, despite his organization being incredibly weak.

He tried to impress The Commission by doing favors for them, such as allowing the Pavano to operate in Alderney in spite of their long-time rivalry. Also, Jimmy thought it would be an excellent idea to anonymously weaken the Ancelotti's family whilst improving his own, in order to prove that he is able to run an organization.

He learned that a leader shouldn't place value on his employees until they either impress him or, ironically, become a threat to him because of their greed (such as Ray Boccino).

For unknown reasons, Jimmy's son had committed suicide, and he then accepted his bodyguard Anthony Corrado as a son in nature.

Unbeknownst to Angie, Pegorino has a young mistress who lives in an apartment in Acter.

Grand Theft Auto IV

Wake up you fucking mook. Everybody's trying to fuck everybody! Let's just hope they got the manners to smile in our faces before they do.
~ Jimmy Pegorino

In 2008, Phil recommended Niko Bellic's services to Jimmy. He first ordered Niko to watch over a deal he was having with members of the Pavano Family. However, the deal was a trap, and Jimmy was nearly killed, while the tribute was stolen, to the great displeasure of the Don. Fortunately, Niko rescued Jimmy, and chased a group of remaining of the remaining thugs to get Jimmy's money back.

Later on, the police began to thoroughly investigate his "businesses", leading Jimmy to believe that several of his employees had become moles. This led Jimmy to threaten Niko with a shotgun, but he was eventually convinced that Anthony was the spy. Anthony, who was confirmed to be an informant, suffered a heart attack after talking with Jimmy over the phone, but survived and was hospitalized. Then, Jimmy ordered Anthony's death for his betrayal, despite Anthony's remorse.


In the game's finale, Jimmy orders Niko to take part in a heroin deal with Russian crime lord Dimitri Rascalov - also Niko's nemesis after Dimitri had betrayed Niko earlier on by teaming up with their acquaintance Ray Bulgarin to eliminate him to no avail. Despite being aware of Niko's feud with Dimitri, who merely plans to use his partnership with Pegorino to sell the heroin to Bulgarin in an extremely lucrative collusion, Pegorino still demands Niko to go through with the deal in exchange for a lot of money being rewarded in the end. Niko is unsure whether to comply and be paid or take his revenge, and his final decision is left to the player.


"Dimitri, what's your problem?! Me and you's partners now! We're back on top!".
~ Pegorino's last words before he gets killed by Dimitri in the latter's act of betrayal towards the former.

Niko and Phil are betrayed by Dimitri, forcing them to fight through the warehouse and steal the money. Jimmy becomes very happy and wishes Niko good luck with the money. A hired assassin targeting Niko sent by Dimitri accidentally kills Niko's cousin Roman Bellic at the wedding - and is immediately counter-killed afterwards by Niko himself. Niko tracks down the duo with help from Little Jacob. When Niko confronts the duo after dispatching most of the gunmen, he sees Dimitri betraying Pegorino by saying that he "didn't work this hard to share the spoils of a victory". Dimitri then executes Pegorino, whose death would then be avenged when Niko subsequently chased down and eventually killed Dimitri on Happiness Island shortly afterwards.


"You fucking, double-crossing, immigrant shit!"
~ Pegorino attempting to kill Niko at Roman's wedding.

Niko rebels and kills Dimitri on a ship known as the Platypus, ironically the same ship that Niko arrived to Liberty City on. Consequently, Pegorino ends up losing a lot of money and influence - which as a result has reduced his organization to nothing. He personally attempts to kill Niko at Roman and Mallorie's wedding, but accidentally kills Niko's girlfriend Kate McReary. Soon afterwards, Niko decides to hunt down Pegorino to finish things for good. He tracks him down with help from Roman and Little Jacob. After dispatching all of Pegorino's henchmen and then chasing Pegorino himself onto Happiness Island, Niko eventually shoots him down in a gunfight between them. As Pegorino collapses to the ground, Niko tells him that the Commission thought he was a "fat f***ing joke". As Niko begins to walk away, Pegorino raises his gun to try and kill Niko,only to be instantly killed when Niko shoots Pegorino in the head with an assault rifle.


Jimmy Pegorino is an elderly man with grey hair and brown eyes. He usually wears brown jackets and trousers, and black shoes.


Like another Grand Theft Auto's famous character, Tommy Vercetti, Jimmy acts very temperamental, emotional, and clever. He is an authoritative chief who acts as a respected don: he enjoys drinks, young women and his magnificent luxury properties, including his cars and big mansion. He was also a rude, impudent, argumentative father, as he "beat [Anthony] like his son", though he used to display affection and tenderness towards him.

Jimmy's life goal is to be accepted into the Commission. As such, he is willing to do anything in order to get a seat, including confronting another mafia, the Pavanos, and Dimitri's Bratva. This desperate quest in order to get recognition made him extremely prideful, obnoxious, and egotistical towards his relatives and family, especially his adopted son Anthony Corrado, though he has a certain sense of humor and charity. He is also exceptionally appreciative and thankful towards Niko, as the latter saved him from an assault from the Pavano family that nearly cost him his life.

When he discovered that his organization is being spied on, Jimmy became paranoid and began to no longer trust his entourage, including Anthony and Niko. This led the old patriarch to be much more threatening than accustomed, leading to him ordering Niko to kill most of associates, including another caporegime (i.e. lieutenant) Ray Boccino and Boccino's guards. When both Niko and Jimmy discovered that Anthony was actually the mole, Jimmy mercilessly ordered his death.

If the player chooses the Revenge ending, Jimmy seems to be guilty and remorseful about his deeds, telling Niko that "everything could have been gravy" if he would have worked with him. He is also quite hypocritical and self-righteous, as he told Niko that "your problem is you like killing too much", despite the fact that he personally killed many of his henchmen and even his own son. Also, Jimmy will betray, along Dimitri, Niko by sending an assassin at Roman's wedding if the player has chosen to do the Deal instead.

His favorite radio stations are Jazz Nation Radio 108.5 and Fusion FM, suggesting his favorite genre is Jazz, and he will respond positively if it is turned on in a car.


  • Jimmy Pegorino is the only person to be a major antagonist under the player's choice.
  • Similarly to Ray Boccino and Phil Bell, he likes listening to jazz music.

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