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Well, I've got my extension fee all lined up for you as usual. (Sabrina: Extension fee?) Yes. Extension of my contract. Seven more years of life in exchange for an innocent soul. As soon as I finish my shift, we can go, and I'll cut her little heart out and eat it. (Sabrina: What? Are you talking about sacrificing a child?) You betcha. Doesn't get more innocent than a little girl.
~ Jimmy Platt revealing his barbaric bargain to Sabrina

Jimmy Platt is a minor character from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, appearing as the main antagonist of the season three episode "Drag Me To Hell". He is an ice cream truck driver who made a deal with the Dark Lord for addition years on his lifespan, sacrificing innocent souls to achieve it.



Several years in the past, Jimmy Platt had been a pious and religious man until one day he was in an accident. He cried out for God to save him, but to his surprise, the Dark Lord, Lucifer Morningstar, had come instead. Lucifer offered a deal to Platt; seven more years in exchange for his soul. Platt readily agreed, and after the seven years had passed and Lucifer came to collect, Platt wanted even more time. Lucifer offered more time in exchange for the life on an innocent soul. Platt agreed once again, and eventually their arrangement became a regular sacrificing of an innocent soul for more years on Platt’s life. Although Lucifer did not specify an age group for the innocent soul, Platt targeted young girls, using his day job as an ice cream man to abduct and kill the girls to add more years onto his lifespan.

Drag Me To Hell

During Sabrina’s first trials as the official monarch of Hell, she had failed to deliver the soul of one individual, sending him to Heaven instead since she believed he did not deserve to go to Hell. In order to prove herself (at Lilith’s behest), Sabrina’s next target was Jimmy Platt. Sabrina had secretly been planning to use Platt’s body as a vessel to transfer Lucifer to from Nick. However, to her shock and horror, he reveals the deal he made with Lucifer and informed her that he already had a young girl kidnapped and ready to be sacrificed to extend his contract. Having no further qualms about dragging his soul to Hell, Sabrina goes in for the attack, but Platt warns her that taking him to Hell now would doom the kidnapped girl to die.

Sabrina tracks down the girl, Lucy Anderson, in Jimmy Platt’s freezer and teleports herself inside to rescue Lucy. However, Platt had already anticipated she would find the girl and painted one-way sigils on the freezer wall, trapping Sabrina inside with Lucy.

Jimmy Platt brings his ice cream truck to the pep rally at Baxter High selling ice cream to the kids and teens present. One little boy approaches the truck and orders ice cream, and when Jimmy had given it to him, the boy grabbed onto him, causing Jimmy to see the boy was actually Sabrina using a glamour spell, who had managed to escape the freezer thanks to Lilith and return Lucy home safe. Having realized his time is truly up, Platt tries to call out for help, but one of Sabrina’s demonic minions drags him down to the pits of Hell, and Sabrina allows Lilith to torture him for his crimes. Despite the fact that she could not use Platt’s body to contain Lucifer, Sabrina felt Platt truly deserved to suffer and was content with leaving him to his painful and eternal fate.


Jimmy Platt was implied to have originally been a decent and good-hearted person prior to his accident. After making a bargain with Satan, however, Jimmy Platt had gradually grown more and more twisted. When he was offered more time in exchange for innocent souls, Platt had immediately resorted to kidnapping and killing little girls to increase his own lifespan, furthering his dark ambition. After years of doing it, Platt had become a cruel, remorseless, sadistic and brutally evil man that murdered young girls purely to expand his own life, all while hiding his true, evil personality behind the persona of a friendly and outgoing ice cream truck driver, showing an ability to deceive others exceptionally well. 


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