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You can't cut me. At least not with a sword that regrets having defeated me. Let me tell you the truth. The truth behind fighting. Fighting continues forever. After you've defeated one person, someone stronger appears. If you manage to defeat him, then an even stronger person comes along. If you don't have the resolve to endure that eternal struggle, then eventually your confidence will erode. But it doesn't end there! The battle will continue elsewhere, fought by others. It's an endless cycle! And it doesn't end with a person's death. The cycle will continue! As long as people and their souls exist, there will be disputes and those disputes will lead to fights. And those fights will continue without limit, for all eternity.
~ Jin Kariya to Ichigo Kurosaki.

Jin Kariya is the leader of the Bounts and the main antagonist of the Bount arc of the Bleach anime.

He was voiced by Troy Baker.



Early life

Kariya as a child.

Kariya, along with the other Bounts, were created by accident by an experiment in the Soul Society. He ended up living along with all the other Bounts in a cave society they’d made in the Human World. His real name back then was Eugene Currier. During this time, Kariya noticed Ran’Tao, the Shinigami whose experiments created them, visiting the Bounts. Another Bount told him she was a Shinigami and she later approached him, saying it was rare for one of his kind to have their powers show themselves at his age. Ran’Tao then told Kariya that his people expected great things of him and soon after this, he was listening to the Shinigami talk with the elder Bounts. Ran’Tao told them she was going to try and get them into the Soul Society, so they could have protection and while she went to make this possible, Kariya helped set up the Bount’s society. But the Soul Society decided to instead get rid of the Bounts and sent the Shinigami to attack their cave society. Kariya managed to run away and was alone hiding when Ran’Tao found him and got him to safety. She then told him she would hold off the Shinigami and told Kariya to run away with the other Bounts, after giving him Messer, his Doll.

Kariya after fusing with his Doll for the first time

He and his people became wanderers, constantly under attack by Hollows due to their spiritual power. However during one attack, Kariya fused with his Doll for the first time after almost being killed by one of the Hollows and fought them off. This also resulted in a change in his personality with him becoming determined to create a paradise for his people. Later, after Kariya had grown older, some of the Bount leaders decided to journey to the Soul Society with help from the Quincy. He argued that they would just be reduced to servants and that they could create their own paradise with their powers. However the Bount leaders said all the hatred against them would eventually destroy such a “paradise”, so their only option was to return to where the place that created them. After that, the Bounts tried to fight their way into the Soul Society, but they were slaughtered as Kariya watched helplessly. He managed to survive and gave up on the Bounts he had lived with, but still was determined to have vengeance against the Shinigami.

Gathering his Forces

With that goal in mind, Kariya decided to gather together the strongest of the Bounts so he could destroy the Soul Society. It was during that time that he managed to perfect the method of creating a Doll. Kariya eventually found the Bount, Yoshino Soma, and stopped her from committing suicide out of depression over her Bount powers separating her from society. He stopped her by telling her that he was a Bount like her and then asked Yoshino to be with him. Kariya married her and convinced her they’d gained eternal life so they could live in bliss forever. However he didn’t actually have any feelings for Yoshino and when Kariya took the soul of a human being, she left him. Later he brought a young Bount named Cain to the home of one his comrades, Gō Koga, who he wanted to take care of Cain.

Kariya giving Koga the book on Doll summoning

However he refused, saying a Bount was supposed to train by themselves without help and he was never going to go against that belief. But Kariya said that was why he wanted to entrust raising Cain to Koga, as well as the fact he had been alive for a very long time and had a great deal of strength. He finally agreed and Kariya gave him a book he’d written on Doll summoning, then left Cain in Koga’s care. But Cain was killed when he tried to summon his Doll too early and Kariya went back, weeping over the young Bount’s grave. Koga asked for forgiveness, saying he was the one to blame and Kariya said the Bounts shouldn’t keep living alone.

Kariya saving Ichinose from the Hollow.

He then asked his comrade to stay with him and Koga agreed, joining his group of Bounts. Later Kariya saved Maki Ichinose, a Shinigami who’d left the Soul Society, from a Hollow. He then allowed the Shinigami to finish it and offered a Maki a place at his side, which he agreed to.

Creating the Bitto

Yoshino brought before Kariya.

Much later, Kariya had Yoshino brought to him by Ryō Utagawa at the Bount’s mansion. The leader told her he would not forgive her for constantly going against him and imprisoned her. Soon after this Kariya ordered Hō and Ban to attack Ichigo and his friends, but they were killed. He called all the other Bounts together to tell them, then revealed he’d found a Quincy, Uryu Ishida, and they needed to capture him. They succeeded and Kariya and Ryo went to see him with Kariya asking the Quincy to help them.

Kariya confronting Ichigo and his friends.

Uryu refused and the Bount leader had him locked up so he could change his mind, then met Ichigo and his friends as they went to save the Quincy. Kariya and Ichigo talked, with the Bount revealing he knew about the Shinigami, as well as Rukia Kuchiki. Ichigo demanded that the Bount leader give back Uryu, however Kariya refused.

Kariya laying down his crest.

Ryō decided to battle the Shinigami and asked that his leader lay down his Doll summoning crest, which would leave him defenseless, as proof of his faith that he could win. But after Ryō and Ichigo fought for a time, the Bount suddenly took Kariya’s crest and revealed that he wanted to become the new Bount leader. However Ichinose appeared, killing Ryō, and began fighting Ichigo, but his master told him to stop. Kariya proceeded to engage the Shinigami himself and at one point tried to convince him to join him, only to be refused. He eventually smacked Ichigo into a wall, disappointed by his strength and the mansion was suddenly attacked by Jinta Hanakari and Ururu Tsumugiya. Yoruichi Shihoin saved Ichigo, while Rukia, Ririn, Kurodo, and Noba rescued Uryu and Yoshino. Kariya, along with the other Bounts, watched as their mansion burned down and after the flames died down, he searched through the remains to find a tool to fix his clock. The following day, Kariya fixed it and was confronted by Yoshino, who began fighting him. She eventually told him she knew she was essential to his plan since she was the only Bount that had the ability to reproduce. Kariya then called out to Uryu, who was watching the fight and demanded to know what his plans were. The Bount leader said he had no use for a Quincy with no powers but he did want him to see something. Kariya then grabbed Yoshino from behind and revealed he needed her to reach the power that he wanted. The Bount leader then told her she should be happy because her life would be used for a new Doll. However Kariya was hit by a fire blast from Yoshino’s Doll, showing a crest on his chest and revealing he’d fused with his own Doll.

Kariya creating the Bitto

She fused with her own Doll to fight her former leader, but her power still wasn’t enough. Kariya killed Yoshino by piercing her through the chest, then transformed her soul into new insect Dolls, the bitto, then left along with the other Bounts.

Getting to the Soul Society

Kariya showing the other Bounts the abilities of the Bitto

Kariya took his comrades to a cave and then demonstrated the bitto’s power by drinking the contents inside one to become more powerful. While the others Bounts were excited by this, Mabashi didn’t like it since the bitto fed on the souls of living humans and devouring living human souls was forbidden. Kariya said he didn’t care about Mabashi’s opinion and forced him to drink the contents of one of the bitto. Later after the bitto went out across town, Ugaki told the Bount leader that a Shinigami (Renji Abarai) was attacking the bitto. However Kariya wasn’t worried and said he’d soon learn what happened when you hurt the bitto. He then put Ugaki in command of the other Bounts and ordered them to stop Ichigo and his friends from arriving there, as well as bring back the bitto. Kariya later asked Ichinose to take a look at Mabashi while he went to his room, but later the Shinigami told him the Bount had escaped. The Bount leader said that was fine just as long as Mabashi had gotten stronger. The other Bounts came back and told Kariya they’d lost in their battles against the Shinigami and their allies. However the Bount leader said he didn’t care, since they’d gotten the chance to test their powers. Kariya went on to say their enemies were coming, but they shouldn’t worry and Ugaki informed him that Uryu was trying to regain his powers. Later when their hideout was invaded by the Shinigami, Ugaki told Kariya that the Shinigami had come before Uryu, then asked what he should do. The Bount leader told him the plan had changed and to finish his fight with Ichigo and his friends. However after Ugaki’s Doll, Gesell, was injured by Renji’s attack and thrown into a rage, Kariya destroyed the walls hiding him.

Kariya with his comrades

He told him he'd done well and said farewell, before leaving him at the mercy of Gesell, who killed him. After this, Ichigo found Kariya and the two began fighting, while the other Bounts worked on opening the gate that connected the Human World and the Soul Society. As the Bount leader easily fought Ichigo, he revealed that their goal was to invade the Soul Society, the place of their origin. Kariya then said they wanted to have revenge on the Shinigami for what they’d done to the Bounts. Ichigo said that didn’t excuse their actions and eventually released his Bankai to continue fighting. However they were interrupted by Uryu, who’d regained his powers with use of the Quincy Bangle. He proceeded to use his powers to open the gate, since he wanted the Soul Society to be the place of his battle with Kariya, and the Bounts departed through it.

Besieging the Seireitei

Kariya arrived in the Soul Society with Koga and were soon confronted by a group of Shinigami, which they easily defeated. They continued on through the Soul Society, eventually arriving in a gambling house in Kusajishi, a more criminal area. Kariya proceeded to start a fight there, which Ichinose and Koga had to bring an end to, worrying it would attract the Shinigami’s attention. The Bount leader proceeded to approach the owner, Tōba, a powerful crime lord in Kasujishi. Kariya told him he planned to turn the entire Soul Society upside down and wanted his help to do it. Tōba agreed to join him and said he would gain supporters, since no one would dare go against him.

Kariya fighting Byakuya.

Kariya went to confront Byakuya Kuchiki, who was trying to hunt him down, and the captain told him those who disturbed the Soul Society’s peace had to be brought down. Kariya began to fight Byakuya, who noted his speed and the Bount suddenly launched a wind attack against his opponent. The captain revealed he knew that Bounts used Dolls to fight with, then asked if the wind Kariya had just used had been the work of his Doll, but didn’t receive an answer. Byakuya then stated he’d cut down his Doll too and they continued fighting with neither able to land a strike on the other. Kariya said the captain’s strength was even greater than he’d heard and Byakuya asked him what his goals were. The Bount leader said since Byakuya was the Soul Society’s most famous captain, his defeat would mean the Seireitei would fall into chaos. Byakuya thought what Kariya said was foolish, but he said he was very serious and if he didn’t have confidence in his power, he wouldn’t be here. The Bount leader went on to state that Byakuya was softer than he’d heard, since first he saved his sister, Rukia, from a Bount, then he’d come here for revenge. The captain denied being there for revenge and Kariya said whatever his reason was, he had to be cut down to further the Bounts’ plans. Byakuya then released his Zanpakuto, but the Bount leader wasn’t harmed by its attack and they began trading attacks. Kariya stated no matter what technique he used, Byakuya would never win and their fight eventually caught Ichigo’s attention. He sent a Getsuga Tenshou at them, breaking their struggle and injuring Kariya, but he healed himself using spirit energy particles in the air. He said that as long as he was in the Soul Society, he was invincible and Ichigo joined the fight, despite Byakuya not wanting his help, then the two released their Bankai’s, both attacking Kariya.

Kariya being confronted by Ran'Tao.

As the fight went on, Byakuya managed to pierce Kariya’s wind barrier, though he continued healing himself. However Ran’Tao arrived, saying she was glad she’d finally found the Bount leader and he demanded to know who she was. But when she introduced herself, Kariya became angered, blaming Ran’Tao for all the pain the Bounts had gone through. He swore to kill her and Ichigo stood in his way, but the Bount leader said she’d live to see the Bount succeed. Kariya went on to say that once he was done destroying the Soul Society, he’d kill her as well. He attempted to leave, but Ichigo blocked him and they resumed fighting, but Koga appeared, using his Doll as a distraction to allow him and Kariya to get away. Later the Bount leader was watching the recruits from Kasujishi gather logs to create siege weapons to use against the Seireitei. Kariya commented to Tōba that he was impressed by their courage and that soon they would bring an end to the Seireitei. Later Ichinose arrived to tell the Bount leader that a number of Shinigami at captain-level were heading to their location. The Shinigami asked to stay behind and deal with them, which Kariya allowed, since it would be easier to take care of them now.

Kariya taking out his former allies of Kasijishi.

He went with his forces to attack the gates of the Seireitei and managed to get them open. However Kariya told the people of Kasujishi that they had played their part and they had just been pawns he needed to get the gate open. They angrily charged at him, but he easily killed them all with his powers, then proceeded inside the Seireitei. Ichigo and his friends appeared and but Kariya destroyed the siege weapon holding the gate open.

Activating the Powers of the Jōkaishō

Kariya commanded Mabashi and Yoshi to cause chaos throughout Seireitei as a distraction, while Sawatari and Koga took out the captains. Meanwhile he went to find something in the Institute of Research and Development and destroyed the entrance, injuring everyone inside. Nemu asked what he was doing and Kariya revealed that this was supposed to be the location of the original Bount crest. However Ichigo and Yasutora “Chad” Sado caught up with him, asking what he planned to do with that crest. Kariya didn’t answer, suddenly disappearing and reappearing in another part of the building. He began looking for the crest, but Ichigo and Chad found him again with Ichigo releasing his Bankai.

Kariya taking in the power of the Jōkaishō

They began fighting, but eventually their fight smashed a hole in the floor, revealing the crest. Kariya quickly took in its power, calling the crest Jōkaishō and explained the original experiments that gave birth to the Bounts occurred here. All that power was sealed in the Jōkaishō crest and he could completely wipe out the Soul Society, just by releasing it.

Kariya talking with Koga in the ally.

However Kariya decided to wait so that the Soul Society would live in fear for a day and went to meet Koga in an alleyway. The Bount leader said tomorrow everything would be destroyed, but his comrade said that was going too far. Koga tried to convince Kariya that it would be better to use his power to take control of the Shinigami and destroying everything would be pointless. The Bount leader didn’t agree and Koga got angry, saying he knew from the beginning Kariya was an “uncontrollable sword”. His vigor would’ve drawn the beaten down Bounts, which is the reason he’d always stood by him. Koga pushed him into a wall, telling Kariya he wasn’t helping him anymore since what he was doing was spitting at heaven. However the Bount leader didn’t heed his words and struck down Koga, telling him that he was grateful for him standing by him. Kariya was later confronted by Ran’Tao with a Kido Gun, who he told that his forgetting all the suffering and false hope she’d caused must be the work of the Jōkaishō.

Kariya fighting Uryu.

The Bount then stated he reduce everything to nothingness and attacked Ran’Tao, but was stopped by Uryu. They began fighting as Kariya asked the Quincy why he was fighting on the side of the Shinigami. Uryu just wanted to end all the pointless suffering and as they continued to fight, Ran’Tao suddenly stabbed the Bount with something. Uryu held back to avoid killing her and Kariya stated he’d lost what may have been his greatest chance to beat him. The Bount proceeded to fire a blast of wind at the pair, but it was countered by a Getsuga Tenshou from Ichigo. He released his Bankai and the two began battling, eventually bringing their fight to Sokyoku Hill.

Ichinose holding his sword to Kariya's throat

However Ichinose appeared, attacking Ichigo and asking Kariya where the other Bounts were. He told them they were all dead and suddenly, Ichinose held his sword to the Bount’s neck. Shocked by his actions, Kariya asked what he was doing and the Shinigami said originally he would’ve been fine if the Bount destroyed the Soul Society. Ichinose went on to say that he’d seen so much of his old captain in Kariya, which is why he’d followed him so willingly. However in his fight with Kenpachi Zaraki, Ichinose had realized that he wanted to improve the Soul Society. He then told Kariya he’d follow him again if he promised to use his power to rebuild the Soul Society, but if he chose to destroy the Soul Society, Ichinose would fight him. Kariya said he wouldn’t be able to follow his advice, but thanked him for giving him the time to fully take in the Jōkaishō’s power. The Bount pierced the Shinigami’s chest with his hand then finished him off with a wind blast.

Kariya with the true form of Messer.

Ichigo yelled at him for killing his own comrade, but Kariya said Ichinose was his enemy and he never once thought of him as his comrade, just a pawn in his goals. The Bount proceeded to summon the true form of his Doll, Messer and they continued to fight. Kariya eventually declared he would show Ichigo the true form of his doll and explained friction of wind in the atmosphere generated electricity, creating lightning. The Bount began generating lightning to attack with and stated he was going to put an end to this quickly, since the Jōkaishō was almost at full power.

Kariya facing Ichigo in their final battle.

Kariya then told Ichigo there were other Jōkaishō crests, which could blow up everything. He asked why he should destroy everything and the Bount replied he couldn’t forgive the Shinigami, so he’d wipe all souls out of existence. Their battle continued with Ichigo eventually succeeding in landing a powerful blow on Kariya with a supplement of power from Hollow Ichigo. The Bount tried to heal by drawing on spirit particles as before, but found to his shock it didn’t work and realized it must have been to work of Ran’Tao from what she’d injected into him earlier. Ichigo smiled, but Kariya said it was too late since the Jōkaishō would be at full power soon. As they continued to fight, the Bount decided to demonstrate the Jōkaishō’s power by making one explode. However as Kariya sent energy out to it, Byakuya blocked it with his Bankai and then sent it against the Bount. He escaped it as Yoruichi Shihoin appeared, telling Ichigo they were working on sealing the Jōkaishō, but it was taking time. Right now it was just a question of whether all of the crests were sealed, Kariya blew them up, or Ichigo beat him before then. The Bount said he’d just have to beat all three of them and resumed fighting Ichigo, thinking that he’d been holding back the Jōkaishō’s power too long. Kariya’s attacks suddenly became stronger and Yoruichi wondered why his power was increasing, not lessening. She suddenly realized the Bount had used all of his own power and was now using the power of the Jōkaishō. Yoruichi told Ichigo this, but Kariya asked why that mattered, sending a lightning blast at her. It was blocked and the Bount stated it was a gamble with his own body. Kariya and Ichigo continued to fight and eventually the two threw themselves at each other for a final time. The Shinigami said he wouldn’t lose to someone who manipulated his allies, but Kariya said in time, Ichigo’s friends would come to fear him. He then asked what the point was in defending them and the Shinigami said it was that he’d defend them and he needed no other reason aside from that.

Kariya and Ichigo clashing for the final time

Kariya prepared to release the power of the Jōkaishō and he and Ichigo clashed one last time. A huge explosion was generated and at first, Kariya appeared to be the victor and he said it was a pity he wouldn’t be able to see if Ichigo would walk the same path that he had. Suddenly he disintegrated into dust, as all the Bounts did when they died and Ichigo stated he’d died on his own in the end, wondering if Kariya had just wanted to bring an end to his eternal life.

Mental Image

Kariya appearing as a mental manifestation to Ichigo.

Despite his death, Kariya continued to have a major psychological impact on Ichigo and appeared before him while he was trying to control his inner Hollow. The Shinigami’s regret over having killed Kariya made him manifest and fight Ichigo. The Bount told him that feeling regret for the death of his foes just made him weak. Kariya went on to say if the Shinigami couldn’t get over his mental weaknesses, he would never be able to fight the stronger opponents he’d face in the future. These words helped Ichigo get back his resolve.


Kariya hates the Shinigami with a great passion due to the fact they brought about the Bount’s creation, then showed them nothing but cruelty. His hate has also grown due to the fact that like all the Bounts, he doesn’t belong in the Human World or the Soul Society. This hatred has driven Kariya to the point where he tried to wipe out the entire Soul Society, even if it meant killing himself. However, Ichigo thinks that he just wanted to bring an end to his immortal existence. Kariya is very knowledgeable and intelligent, possessing great knowledge of people and things throughout the Soul Society, including Ichigo, Byakuya, and Rukia, before he ever met them. He also knew of the Four Noble Houses of the Soul Society and where the Jōkaishō was located. Kariya also cares very little for any of his minions, viewing them as nothing but pawns in his goals. But when he was younger, he did seem to care about his fellow Bount, showing anger at his people being slaughtered and wept over Cain’s grave.

Powers and Abilities

Kariya absorbing spirit energy particles

Like all Bounts, Kariya can feed on Human souls, granting him immortality and special powers. He has demonstrated an incredible amount of spiritual power and thanks to have been living for centuries, Kariya is a master of hand-to-hand fighting and has great cunning and resourcefulness. He possesses superhuman strength and speed, able to keep up with Byakuya Kuchiki, a master of Shunpo. Like all of his kind, Kariya can mask his

Kariya using Messer's wind power

spiritual power and absorb spirit energy particles from air where it is concentrated, healing himself and increasing his power. Kariya can call on the powers of his Doll, Messer, but unlike his fellow Bounts, he can use its powers without manifesting it in a separate form.

Kariya with Messer manifested

When he does manifest it, Messer takes the form of a pata sword with a blade of wind in place of Kariya’s right hand. Messer possesses the power of wind manipulation, which Kariya can use to create barriers of wind to protect himself. For attacks, he can use Windestanz, where he

Kariya using Messer's lightning powers

summons tornados to attack with, and Wind Licht Schneide, a concentrated wind blast. Kariya can also use Messer to generate static electricity in the air, then concentrate it into a blade of lightning on his manifested Doll, which he can use to strengthen his attacks, as well as fire lightning blasts.


  • The name of Kariya’s doll is German for “knife”.
  • He had a Bleach Beat Collection Second Session Album, which he shared with Ririn, Kurodo, and Noba.
  • Kariya is stated to be able to speak both Japanese and Geman and he was originally named Eugene Currier, but took the more Japanese-style name, Jin Kariya, later on.


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