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However, I am a soldier. I ordered the bombing of Hyosan City today. No one commanded me to bomb, no one commanded me. As a martial law commander, this is my only decision. I will take all responsibility.
~ Seon-moo's last will and recording.

Jin Seon-moo is a major antagonist in All of Us Are Dead. He is the commander of martial law in the city of Hyosan, South Korea, after the outbreak of the Jonas zombie virus.

He is portrayed by Kim Jong-tae.


After Hyosan is overrun by zombies, Seon-moo is placed in charge of the city's quarantine. He shuts down telecommunications(due to fake news spreading about the outbreak, such as the zombie prank video done by a YouTuber) and opens a camp to herd survivors. This includes firefighter Nam So-ju, who despite his protests that he needs to rescue his daughter in the high school, is forced to stay in the facility. Eventually, the military is sent to the high school for rescue, but only Kim Cheol-soo is found on the roof top, where he lies about being the only survivor, leaving the other students behind.

The military returns a second time to find Lee Byeong-chan's laptop, and the other students are almost rescued. However, Min Eun-ji concurrently revealed herself as an halfbie at the camp, causing Seon-moo to panic at the prospect of asymptomatic carriers, and orders a rescuing soldier to shoot the uninfected students. The soldier refuses, but shoots into the air and abandons them.

After Min Eun-ji is experimented on, the military realizes the zombies are vulnerable to sound frequencies. This is used to lure the zombies into specific locations, before commander Jin orders missile strikes in these areas of the city to clear out the infected. Regretting the extreme measures he had to take, he calls his wife, records a video taking full responsibility for the missiles, and shoots himself dead out of guilt.

Though he was a ruthless and serious soldier throughout the series, he was simply trying to protect the citizens of Hyosan as a government official, but when he realizes his grave mistakes, he shows a lot of remorse for what he did while recording himself before taking his own life.


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