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I trusted you when you said you could save Kleene. That's why I did those dirty jobs.
~ Jinn before killing the fake Sister for using him as a pawn

Kris Rutherford, also known as Jinn, is a major antagonist turned supporting character in the manga series Edens Zero. He originally served as the secondary antagonist of the Guilst arc, and a major supporting antagonist of the Belial Gore arc.

He is the rival of Shiki Granbell.

Jinn is a cyborg mercenary who originally served under the Fake Sister as part of the mercenary squad Rogue Out. He did this under the belief that Sister had the power to heal his sister Kleene, but he eventually discovered his leader's deception after coming to blows with Shiki and his crew. After escaping the disaster on Guilst, he became an assistant to Kleene of the Element 4 and grew much stronger, able to easily overpower Shiki when they fought again. He has the ability to control wind that can obstruct anything and he utilizes it with deadly efficiency.

He was voiced by Yūki Shin in Japanese and Jonah Scott in English.


Jinn is a tall, muscular cyborg with red eyes and spiky, green hair with the bangs brushed to the right and held by a dark blue headband. His body mass is 60% mechanical and he wears a dark blue cloak over his clothes that partially covers is entire body.


Jinn is a serious and dedicated individual. He is also a loner and claims that he has no friends, the only person he shares a connection with is his sister Kleene.

He takes all of his assignments seriously and does so without hesitation or regard for any onlookers in the vicinity. Despite this however, he does have a degree of morality as he was aware of all the terrible things he did while working under the fake Sister. He also doesn't go out of his way to torture his targets like some of his coworkers may.


Working Under the Fake Sister

Jinn's first appearance is as a member of the mercenary squad Rogue Out. The squad is given a mission to kidnap female B-Cubers on Blue Garden for their client Illega. Jinn is in the middle of taking popular B-Cuber Labillia when he is stopped by Shiki. Shiki argues that he is making her uncomfortable but Jinn dismisses her feelings and prepares to fight him.

The two fight each other over one of the highways of Blue Garden, but their fight is cut short when he is ordered to return to base. Jinn tells Shiki to come to Guilst if he wishes to challenge him and disappears with the wind.

Later on the transport ship, Jinn stops his companion, Ganoff, from torturing Rebecca. Then, after arriving at Guilst and delivering the B-Cubers, he watches Ganoff and Sister argue with Illega's henchman when Illega refuses to pay them. He notices Shiki's presence and decides to investigate Illega Tower.

He intercepts Shiki and promises to kill him for freeing the captured B-Cubers. The two fight again but Jinn is overpowered by Shiki. Sister and Ganoff interrupt the fight and join in when Shiki challenges the three of them. During the fight, Sister uses Jinn as a shield against Shiki's attacks and heals him so he can continue to fight.

The fight is interrupted when the real Sister steps into the room and reveals that the Sister Jinn was working with was an imposter and beats her up. Everyone is made aware of the approaching Chronophage and makes their escape. Jinn glares and Shiki, who promises to continue their fight another time. the fake Sister begs Jinn to take her with him, but Jinn crushes her head, killing her, for lying to him.

Working Under Drakken Joe

Somehow, Jinn manages to escape the disaster on Guilst and finds himself working under Drakken Joe, acting as an assistant to Sylph of the Element 4, who is actually his sister Kleene.

He reappears in timeline 30, where he guards Drakken Joe's young-keeping machine, but after learning what it does, he helps Shiki's team in destroying it. Short after, Jinn leaves the room.

After Drakken's downfall

After Drakken Joe is defeated, Jinn appears in the Edens Zero's ship alongside Kleene, who is bedridden. He later talks to Sister about healing Kleene.


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