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Android - Psycho Shocker (Jinzo in the 4Kids dub) is a minor antagonist in both Yu-Gi-Oh! and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. In the original Yu-Gi-Oh!, Jinzo was a card used by Espa Roba in a duel with Joey Wheeler and Lector used Jinzo as his Deck Master. In Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Psycho Shocker was a duel spirit that plans to enter the real world by stealing the souls of the three who attempted to summon him.

He is voiced by Satoshi Tsuruoka in the Japanese dub and by Sean Schemmel in the English dub.


Psycho Shocker is a tall robot with a wrinkled human's head with a mask covering his face. He wears a green jacket with shoulder pads, a belt, and spikes.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Psycho Shocker in Yu-Gi-Oh GX

A group of three rather dumb students unwittingly decided to do a forbidden ceremony to summon a duel spirit. It turns out that the duel spirit that they trying to summon was Android - Psycho Shocker. At first it looked like nothing happened so they left. But after two of the three students started to disappear, one of them named Takadera (Torrey in the 4Kids dub) stated that he started to see Psycho Shocker. Fearing for his life he asked for Jaden's help. Shortly after, Psycho Shocker kidnaped Takadera to steal his soul, so he can be fully enter the real world. Judai Yuki followed Psycho Shocker and challenged him to a duel. Psycho Shocker but up a good duel but in the end was defeated by Judai in the Shadow Duel and he forced to give up his ambition. All three students came back, and and Psycho Shocker disappeared. What happens to Psycho Shocker after he lost is unknown.

Powers and Abilities

During a duel, Psycho Shocker has the ability to negate all traps on the field as well as prevent traps being activated. However with the spell card, Cyber Brain Amplifier, the duelist using Psycho Shocker can activate trap cards, and the trap cards that were nullified on their side of the field are now reactivated again.


Psycho Shocker's deck is called; the Occult Android - Psycho Shocker Deck. His most powerful card in his deck is himself.


Lector as Jinzo

  • In the original Yu-Gi-Oh!, one of the members of the Big Five; Lector decided to have his deck master be Jinzo.


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