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Jirai is the first antagonist fought and defeated by Raoh in the anime and manga series Fist of the North Star, appearing in the spinoff Legend of Dark King.

He was voiced by Tomoyuki Shimura in the anime.


Jirai and the leader of the thugs bikers, Raoh is first blocked by his band and Riseki but Raoh does not care about him at all and tries to pass, even told him to stay still.

Then came their leader Jirai who told Raoh to join the troops of the powerful Jirai and Raoh said it was interesting, Jirai told him he could get everything like meat, women and alcohol.

But Raoh told him he wanted to get the world wanted the whole world and Jirai told him that he had recruited a fool and told him that the foolish and the weak die immediately and attempt to hit Raoh with a whip.

But Raoh hit Jirai with a powerful fist and with his mighty Hokuto Shinken and the fist violently opens Jirai's back and violently open Jirai by dropping the part below seated, even the building behind Jirai is split.


Jirai is shown to be an honorable individual who is shown more leadership, but he was angry after Raoh asked him by take the entire the world and to rebelling in your orders.


and a very good leadership having many servants in his band outlaw thugs but it is not known if he is good at whipping as he tries to attack just before he was hit by Raoh's violent fist.



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