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Jivatma is the main antagonist in KOF: Maximum Impact 2.


Jivatma is the leader of Kusiel / Kushieru, a subgroup of the secret group Addes, who is responsible for training assassins and is the top leader of Addes, a member of the Children of Kokaviel, but his origins and history are hidden in mystery. He was the owner of Duke until Duke became the leader of his own gang Mephistopheles. He has terrible abilities, and he uses his own fighting methods as punishment for the weak.

Jivatma is connected to Alba, Soiree, Duke, Nagase, Lien, and Luise. He called Alba and Soiree Meira "Judeim", a currently unknown and mysterious person who can activate "Eudaim's / Judeim's" among two Meira brothers. He is responsible for the disappearance of Soiree, although it is believed that Soiree may return in the third game, possibly as a villain.

Howevr, Jivatma referred to Duke and Nagase as "D" and "N", respectively, as humans modified by Addes' surgeon Jalange. Jivatma ordered the death of Lien's parents and family because her father would not join Addes.


  • His main goal is to return Zoans like Luise back to their homeland (an offer that he tempts Luise with). Too bad that his methods are less than pleasant.


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