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Jo Gwan-woong is main villain of Gu Family Book is coppurted nobleman who lusted Yoon Seo-hwa who waa mother of Kang Chi who become his enemy.

he played by Lee Seung-jae who played Cho Kyu-hwan in Public Enemy.


as Officer

Jo was born to a family of low-class and grew up as high ranked officer until he sees Yeon Seo-hwa who was daughter of kind-heated nobleman caused him to greed and framed Seo-hwa's father whom he killed. and Seo-hwa and her brother along with servant Bom escpaed before she being raped by Gwan-woong and commit suicide. Seo-hwa become a gisang learns Gwan-woong was first customer  feared her life  she escaped before a gumiho fall in love with her and saves her before they were married and Seon-hwa's brother was exucted forced Seon-hwa to beatyed Wol-ryung and dies leaving Seon-hwa was pregnant with Kang-chi at time and gave brith to him

Seon-hwa dies leaving Gwan-woong had scar on his face

As Nobleman

Jo Gwan-woong become a nobleman who sent his troops to find Park Moo-sul who raised Seo-hwa's son Kang Chi then Park Mo-sul dies for protected Kang-chi's life caused him to anger as demon form in front of Gwan-woong.

he reaizled that Kang Chi tricked him and he asking head gisang to spend time with Chung-jo before she was saved Kang-chi

but unknown that Jang Myung-go is Yeon Seo-hwa who seek reveage agnaist Kwan-woong whom he met at party

Downfall and Death

Kang-chi cut Kwan-woong's arm for pay what he did for Kang-chi's loved ones

at Jail A Sad-looking Kwan-woong comfted by Chung-jo about death of his family and Kang-chi's loss of Yeo-wool who gave him posion for reveage and Kwan-Woong dies


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