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It's not that big of a deal. You like women, right? You'll probably enjoy it. And she's promised that you won't be hurt in any way... If you don't like it then of course I can't force you to do it. You can say no. You can refuse. Just like I can refuse to let you continue to live here with me. Just like I can refuse to support you financially anymore. But don't worry. I'm sure there are plenty of job opportunities for ugly, witless, talentless little things who barely made it through high school with no real skills or likable qualities. I'm sure the local burger joint is just desperate for someone to mop their floors and clean out their grease traps. And who knows? Maybe after a year or two you'll be able to afford a place that barely has any roaches or rodents scurrying about in it. It's not like anyone will be able to stand you long enough to come visit so really it won't matter what it looks like. You'll be the only one living out your sad, lonely life in it.
~ Joan's brother after she angrily confronts him about him selling her to Ms. Kismet without her consent.
~ Joan's brother's last words after being abducted and tormented by Better Films.

Main protagonist Joan's unnamed brother is the secondary antagonist of the creepypasta Better Films. He is a filmmaker that attempts to make a documentary of the mysterious, undocumented filmmaking group known as Better Films. His own filmmaking group consists of him and his sister, whom he verbally abuses to make her feel worthless and treats as his maid.


Joan's brother is implied to have once been a decent person as a child. When he turned eight years old, he got a video camera as a birthday present and became fascinated with making movies. As he got older, his parents spent more and more on getting him better equipment, and by the time he was in his teens, he'd become a spoiled and arrogant bully, particularly toward his sister.

When they grow up, he manages to convince her that she wouldn't make it out in the real world and that she could only stay alive if she stayed with him, which he only allows on the condition that she does whatever he tells her to. As an adult, he films many trashy documentaries and videos, including one of a starving, injured dog he filmed for several hours without doing anything to help it.

Eventually, he hears talk within his community of a mysterious filmmaking group called Better Films, which supposedly made traumatizing films filled with gore, mutilation, and uncanny animation. He attempts to buy some of their films from a local video shop owner who unwittingly got his hands on some, but the shopkeeper refuses to sell the videos to anyone for any reason or price, due to them being too awful for anyone to view. As he departs angrily with Joan, the shopkeeper warned her not to keep hanging around with him, but she continues to anyway, feeling worthless without him.

After interviewing multiple people, he eventually meets a severely disfigured woman named Ms. Kismet. He speaks with her for a while, forbidding his sister from listening in on their conversation, managing to convince her to allow him to talk with the head of Better Films, who only allows him to do so on the condition that he offers her a form of "payment", being that Joan spends a night with her so that she would do anything Ms. Kismet wished. He accepts the offer, despite not getting Joan's consent and essentially selling her off like a slave. Joan confronts him about this, which he counters with a lecture about how he can stop supporting her and allowing her to live with him and bullies her into submission.

After Joan spends the night with Ms. Kismet and sees firsthand some extremely gruesome, disturbing acts, she goes home to find that her brother has gone missing. A search is conducted, but he's never found again. Joan eventually starts caring about his disappearance less and less, until she eventually stops caring about him at all and starts living life normally, being able to make friends and live self-sufficiently. Eventually, a package turns up at her house labeled "We make documentaries too".

Watching the tape inside, she realizes that the video is recordings of her and her brother going around doing interviews of people. Eventually, the tape cuts to static before revealing Joan's brother, severely mutilated (missing a hand, a leg, and his ears) and suspended into the air by rusty metal hooks and razor wire, being manipulated like a puppet and screaming for help. Joan eventually burns the tape and never tells anyone about it. It's unknown what happens to him after being kidnapped by Better Films, but it's presumed that he was continuously tormented until he inevitably died from all of their torture.


He is an extremely selfish, uncaring, and cold person, especially towards his sister. He is demonstrated to be a psychopath by his total lack of regard for others' instructions or emotions, including when he films a dying dog instead of giving it food or water to try to make it healthy again, as well as a coward, as he forces Joan to spend a night with Ms. Kismet instead of spending it with her himself. He likes to make Joan feel like she can't accomplish anything on her own so he can keep her under his control and have someone to blame if things go wrong. He is short-tempered, as shown when he blows up at the shopkeeper for not allowing him to buy or rent any of the Better Films movies, and he gladly uses anyone around him in any manner possible to get his own way.

Though it's hard to say whether or not he truly deserved his punishment at the end, he certainly proves to be a vile human being and an absolute tyrant towards his own family, completely indifferent to anyone's problems or feelings.


  • Despite being the secondary antagonist, Joan's brother is a far more prominent character than any of the people associated with Better Films, the organization that serves as the main antagonistic faction of the story.


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