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Either you're helping, or you're baggage.
~ Joanna to Weiss.

Joanna Greenleaf is an anti-hero from the American animated webseries RWBY. She is a Huntress and member of the Happy Huntresses under Robyn Hill, who use vigilantism to protect and provide for Mantle.

She is voiced by Marissa Lenti.



Joanna became a Huntress after graduating from Atlas Academy at the top of her class, and went on to become a member the Happy Huntresses (whether they were a team in training or not is unknown).


Joanna is first seen with Fiona Thyme as they watch the Amity colosseum fly towards the abandoned Schnee dust mine. She then reports back to Robyn.

She is next seen almost about to do an ambush for a shipment, with May Marigold using her Semblance to hide them. However, Penny stops the ambush from happening and the Huntresses allow the shipment to go, but not without vowing to find out what was going on.

On the day of the council election, Jacques and Robyn are very close in the polls, but most expect Robyn to win. Robyn and her Huntresses attend a victory celebration, where Joanna assures her of victory. However, the rally is sabotaged by Tyrian and Watts, who murder several of Robyn's supporters, injure Fiona, and frame Penny for the massacre. Joanna retalites by firing at Marrow, an Ace Operative who was at the election at the time.

With Watts' hack, Schnee won the election. In retaliation against Ironwood (whom she still blamed for the massacre as well as Mantle's state), Robyn was now enraged and began a more violent form of vigilantism, where she and her Huntresses attacked Atlas shipments and convoys, incapacitated the workers and guards, and stole the materials, with Joanna aiding in the raids.

Later, Joanna, along with the rest of the Huntresses, temporarily sides with Ironwood to protect Mantle from a Grimm attack caused by Watts. However, Ironwood soon retracted his support for Mantle and eventually arrested Robyn. Joanna, along with the remaining Huntresses, continued to support Mantle the best they could. A major role she played in this was intimidating a news reporter and hijacking the broadcast if only to tell the people of Mantle to get to safety.


Joanna is a serious and stern person who shows a great disdain for Atlas government and military. She rarely speaks, and only does in support for her leader or opposition to her foes. When with her team, she lightens up to smile and enjoy their company. Though her goals are noble, her loyalty to Robyn lead her to follow her orders without question.



  • Joanna Greenleaf alludes to Little John from the English folklore of Robin Hood.

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