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Joanne is the main antagonist in the episode "Van, Go" of the American sitcom The King Of Queens. She was played by Rebecca Corry.

In the episode

Doug and Deacon head to a restaurant called Slappy's to eat. Doug notices a plate of fried chicken that he ordered sitting on a counter. Joanne, the waitress that took his order, is taking other orders, but Doug grows increasingly impatient, and eventually walks up to get the plate himself. Joanne comes over and tells him that she would get to him, and she then brings his chicken to the table, telling him that next time he should wait for her. As Joanne walks away, Doug mutters, "What a bee-yotch!" and he and Deacon laugh. She hears this and confronts Doug, who tries to deny it by claiming that Deacon "had a bee on his watch", the latter also claiming that he's allergic to bees. Joanne asks if Doug wants to fight, to which he declines, and she walks away.

Afterwards, Doug is snorkeling out of his empty glass with a straw. Deacon teases him, claiming that he's scared of Joanne, but the latter says he doesn't want to fight a woman. The restaurant's manager comes over, asking the pair about their refills. Doug tells him that Joanne was on the phone, which is a big problem at Slappy's, so he walks over to Joanne and proceeds to fuss at her. She then comes over and calmly tells the duo that their order is on the house, however, she threatens Doug, saying that she'll be waiting outside for him.

Later, Doug is eating remnants of a chicken bone, while Joanne walks around outside of the restaurant, waiting for Doug to come out. Deacon wants to leave so he can pick up his kids, but Doug is nervous, so the former tries to motivate him to fight her. They converse, as Joanne eerily stares at Doug through the window, which soon makes Deacon nervous. The restaurant is nearly empty, and Joanne continues to walk around outside. Deacon wishes Doug luck, and walks out to start the SUV. Doug then confronts Joanne, but Deacon honks the horn, prompting him to run, boarding the SUV and hanging onto it's racks. Doug taunts Joanne as Deacon drives off, but he eventually comes to a stop because of a loading truck. Joanne approaches Doug, taking her jacket off. The outcome of this situation is unknown; Doug may have gotten inside of the SUV, or Joanne may have beaten up him offscreen.