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Joaquin S. Tuazon is one of main antagonists in the first two seasons of the 2015 Filipino television series Ang Probinsyano. He is the man who killed Senior Police Inspector Ador De Leon.

He was portrayed by Arjo Atayde.


Joaquin S. Tuazon lived a double life as a police officer and the son of a criminal syndicate boss and when his father was killed by Cardo he succeeded his father as the new leader of the drug and human trafficking syndicate, and he is one of the main antagonists of season 1, and the leading antagonist of season 2. When Ador had started killing Diego's men, he had no choice but to kill Ador. He later proposes to Ador's widowed wife Carmen. Don Emilio's grandson, Tomas and Verna's son, and also Rachel's older brother. Between the events of Season 1 and Season 2, Joaquin became the syndicate leader after his father Tomas was killed by Cardo during his stay at the prison in Bilibid. After Cardo dismantled the syndicate, Joaquin flees after he accidentally killed his mother Verna who wanted to stop him for causing more illegal activities made by her husband.

In desperation, he successfully kidnaps Alyana during Cardo's wedding celebration in the same place where he kills Ador. Both men had a brutal fight and Cardo finally kills him by stabbing him in the neck to rescue his new wife.


  • Police Senior Inspector Dominador "Ador" De Leon: Shot twice.
  • BuCor Director Guillermo Acosta: Shot six times inside the director's office for arguing.
  • Jail Officer 3 Cristobal Mendoza (Acosta's Jailguard): Shot four times inside the parking lot.
  • Police Senior Inspector Bernardino "Dino" Robles: Shot twice inside the parking lot after attempting to call General Delfin Borja.
  • Verna Tuazon (Joaquin's mother): Accidentally shot her twice to save Cardo.