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The Jockey is one of the supporting antagonists and one of the special infecteds in "Left 4 Dead" he is the smallest out of the 8 Special infecteds, but have the fourth highest health (third is the Charger, second is the Witch, first is the Tank).

The Jockey primary attack is lunging and jumping onto the Survivors, "controlling them", though the Survivor can fight back a bit, the Jockeys can then steer the victim into hazards such as fire, Spitter's acid, off ledges, or most dangerously, Witches, Jockeys can even make a survivor fall of a ledge if he/she is not resisting.

The mutation has caused the Jockey to develop a large amount of muscle mass on his upper body and neck, allowing him to jump like a spider-monkey. His fingers and toes have increased in length as well. His lips and the skin around it have detoriated away, giving him a skeletal look at the mouth. He might of bitten or clawed at his lips due to mania.

He wears a t-shirt and boxers. He is known to cackle hysterically while riding a survivor.

When a Survivor has been pounced on by a Jockey, the Survivor can resist the Jockey's influence, though this is a slight resistence that only slows the Survivor down to a walk.

Also, against common belief, running in the same direction the Jockey is steering you in will not make the Survivor run any faster, although it should.