Joe Cobb is a minor antagonist in the video game Fallout: New Vegas.

He is an escaped convict and leader of a group of Powder Gangers operating around the town of Goodsprings. He is the main antagonist of the Ghost Town Gunfight quest, and the first antagonist the player will likely encounter in the game. Alternatively, he serves as the deutoragonist of the quest Run Goodsprings Run if the player chooses to side with him.

He was voiced by Avery Kidd Waddell.


Cobb is a career criminal who ran with some of the meanest gangs in California before he was caught and imprisoned by the NCR for robbery, arson, and murder. Sometime after he and the other convicts staged a revolt and took over the prison, Cobb attempted to shake down a caravan led by a man named Ringo; instead of surrendering, Ringo opted to fight off the Powder Gangers. The resulting gun fight killed the other caravan members and Ringo fled to the nearby town of Goodsprings, and Cobb began demanding the residents to turn him over or else he would burn Goodsprings to the ground.

The Courier can side with Ringo to defend Goodsprings from Cobb and the Powder Gangers, and Cobb and his gang are subsequently killedin the ensuing gunfight against the town's militia, earning infamy with the Powder Gangers in the process. Alternatively, the Courier can instead decide to help Cobb take over Goodsprings, killing Ringo on his behalf before proceeding to fight the town miltia alongside the Powder Gangers; if this path is taken, the Courier gains a good relationship with the Powder Gangers, while earning the ire of the people of Goodsprings for their betrayel.

It is unknown what happens to Cobb after the Second Battle of Hoover Dam if he successfully takes over Goodsprings, as the town is said to be deserted afterward.


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