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This chopper is all I need. I'm through with you two! Now you meet your maker!
~ Joe Fang confronting the player at the end of the first game.
It seems my plan has been ruined. But I can at least finish you!
~ Joe Fang confronting the player at the end of the second game.

Joe Fang is the primary villain in Sega's Virtua Cop series.

Virtua Cop

He appears in the first game as an attack helicopter pilot who is the leader of the EVL Inc. crime syndicate.

Virtua Cop 2

He later returns in Virtua Cop 2 as the final boss along with the resurrected EVL Inc., somehow surviving his helicopter crash in the first game, although he now flies in a jetpack and wields a gun and sword to fight the Virtua Cops.

Virtua Cop 3

His most recent appearance was in the arcade-only release Virtua Cop 3, where he is now the leader of the ECM terrorist organization being kept alive in a cryo tank and is using dinosaur DNA cells to turn himself into a giant dinosaur mutant type monster wielding a mini-gun.

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