Joe Guire
Joe Guire is the main antagonist of the 2006 film How to Eat Fried Worms. He is the school bully at Billy Forrester's new school. He has a posse consisting of Plug, Techno Mouth, Benjy, Donny, Bradley and Twitch. He has an older brother named Nigel, too. He picks on Billy Forrester for being the new kid. At one point, when Billy boasts about eating worms all the team, and being able to eat ten worms, Joe makes him shake on a bet: that he has to eat ten all of one Saturday by 7:00 P.M. Joe and his posse make disgusting recipes, some of which can be illegal (like "Le Big Porker" requiring using a barbecue grill without adult supervision, or cooking "Radioactive Slime Delight" in a bait shop). He also is believed to have the "Death Ring" (as Adam Sims says has poison that will kill anyone he punches with it when they reach eighth grade so it won't be proven.), but it's only a "dumb old" ring he uses to scare other kids. At the end, when Erika Tansey, who was also made fun of, shoots an arrow at a tree with a worm attached to it, Joe cheats by throwing the worm into the pond just to try and make Billy go to school with worms in his pants (as the bet was that that would happen to the loser); however, Billy does get it from the water and eat it up while the countdown to 7:00 P.M. is shouted. After Nigel humiliates Joe for losing, Billy stands up to the former for the latter, and Joe becomes a better person. However, as one worm had been eaten by the principal that Saturday (unaware of it when he ate an omelette), Joe thinking Billy had won, and Billy thinking he had only eaten nine, both go to school with worms in their pants.

He is portrayed by Adam Hicks.