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Joe Wolf.png
Looks like somebody sniffed his last moose ass. Nice!
~ Joe Wolf

Joe Wolf is a minor antagonist in Brickleberry, only appearing in the episode "The Animals Strike Back". He is a wolf who is part of an animal supremacy group in Brickleberry National Park.


In "The Animals Strike Back", Malloy was initiated into the animal supremacist group by Moose Nazir and Joe Wolf was there for the seminar. When Moose Nazir said that he didn't know which human killed Malloy's parents, Joe Wolf said that he knew who it was, as he saw it, himself. Joe Wolf also said that it was "The Purple One", despite the fact wolves are colorblind in truth.

Moose Nazir offered Malloy a sniff from his behind, but Malloy really didn't want it because of how gross that was. Joe Wolf thought that Malloy was being ungrateful for rejecting Nazir's offer, saying how it was such an honor he was turning down and how Nazir never offered anyone else a sniff. Joe asked if he could have a sniff but Nazir said this was an honor, solely for Malloy. Joe Wolf later came up and snuck a sniff from Moose Nazir's rear, but he lied and said that he was just looking for his lost car keys, which he thought he lost in Moose Nazir's butt.

When Moose Nazir saw that Neil Deer had eaten out of the human garbage, he ordered the other animals to kill him, which included Joe Wolf.

Joe Wolf saw Malloy playing video games, eating human food, and getting sexual pleasure from a prostitute, all inside of Woody's cabin and went to Moose Nazir to rat him out, in hopes of getting him kicked out of the group.

The next day, Moose Nazir was about to kick Malloy out of the group, much to the satisfaction of Joe, when Steve Williams came in and announced that he killed Malloy's parents. Moose Nazir encouraged Malloy to redeem himself by eating Steve but he refused so Moose Nazir decided to lead all the other animals, including Joe Wolf. in attacking and killing all the humans. When they finally caught up to Steve, Malloy, and Connie Cunaman, Steve dropped his gun by mistake, and, in a way similar to how he'd accidentally killed Malloy's parents, the bullet ricocheted around the park and killed all the evil animals, including Joe Wolf.


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