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Joe and Marty are the main antagonists in the 2015 direct-to-DVD animated Barbie film, Barbie & Her Sisters in the Great Puppy Adventure.

Joe is voiced by Michael Daingerfield, who also voiced Sesshomaru in the English dub from Inuyasha: The Final Act, and Marty is voiced by Sam Vincent, who also voiced baby Daffy Duck in Baby Looney Tunes, Jerry the Mouse in Tom and Jerry Tales, Boris in Barbie: Mariposa series, and Lloyd Garmadon in Ninjago.


Joe and Marty were long living in trailer by Willows, Wisconsin but fact where then tern working into Willowfest. They frequently treating as greedy and selfish workers be it thus aims to stolen the treasures who are hidden by the town's founders called Founding Fathers of Willows. At first, Barbie and her sisters are arriving in Willows upon their summer holiday. The four girls then sharing the puppies, who were the children of Tiffany as soon with be offered by their grandmother. After all, it was in the playground, Joe was staying, and Marty was about to pin a picture to the tree near the slide. Since then, Marty was too clumsy after he accidentally injured Joe's hand.

Seeing this, Joe was very upset that he wanted to teach Marty because he wanted to hurt him. However, Barbie later reaching to Willowfest from eventually meeting her old friend, Christie. Suddenly, Taffy, Barbie's pet dog who wants to find her owner since her brothers and sisters meets a dog named Jack. As for understood, Joe and Marty are making astonishing by could free knocking down bottles with wins an prizes for people. Fearing that so doubt being attacked by Taffy, the two men tries to catching her. Failing on by capturing Taffy, Joe and Marty then speaking with nonsense during their staying in the camp for eating a dinner which there having sharing a hotdog and soft water.

Upon coming to the water fountain from Willows, Joe and Marty maybe noticing that Barbie's sisters and the puppies were arrived in lake which about following them as they are started to have discovered the treasures that is for themselves. Joe must gives a coin to Marty, and be quarrel. They were later reaching the town clock causing them to be thwarted for will always tries to finding the girls as well as which their could disguised each other. The two men later stealing Skipper's backpack and tablet even subsequently that chasing along overmuch in long time by Barbie's sisters and the puppies, and escaped. After returning to the camp, Joe and Marty saw that Skipper's items is too less.

Marty, who eating a cupcake warned Joe it about his more respecting to him. For began to discovering the treasures, Barbie along with her sisters and the puppies later comes to underground cave, which happening is their being chased by Joe and Marty. During entering the shore, the girls and puppies heading to the room sees fully treasures. Joe and Marty were appearing, which attempted to takes various treasures and golden plaque while almost sabotaged it, causing Taffy for being into trapped afterwards leaving Barbie and her siblings. Upon Taffy reappearing and reunited with Barbie and her siblings, Joe and Marty continued to stealing the treasures and ended up defeated by the puppies. They are tied out and where had imprisoned to jail by possible.



  • Barbie Roberts
  • Skipper Roberts
  • Stacie Roberts
  • Chelsea Roberts
  • DJ
  • Honey
  • Rookie
  • Taffy Roberts
  • Jack
  • Christie Asher


  • They are mighty reminiscent of Harry and Marv from the Home Alone film series.
  • They also appearing in the film bloopers.


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