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The history of Joel Miller from The Last of Us games.


Not much is known about Joel before the events of the Cordyceps plague. Joel grew up in Texas with his brother Tommy.

Sometime in his teens, Joel married an unnamed woman and had a daughter named Sarah. Saddled early in life with the responsibilities that come with being a father, he never had the opportunity to attend college. No mention is given as to the fate or whereabouts of Sarah's mother; Joel appears to be raising Sarah as a single parent. They live in a typical two-story single-family home somewhere in (or around) Austin, Texas. This is learned in the opening scenes when Tommy and Joel state they need to leave Travis County by taking Texas State Highway 71.

Joel worked in construction, possibly as a carpenter. In the prologue, during a phone conversation with Tommy, he mentions desperately needing to keep his job with a contractor. Building plans lay on his bedside table, and several copies of a book called Construction Regionalism can be seen on top of his bookshelf.

Music was an interest to Joel in the years before the outbreak; he has a guitar and an extensive music collection (both CDs and vinyl) in his room. He mentions to Ellie that in his younger years, he wanted to become a singer.

He seems to have ambitions of starting his own business before the outbreak, with Everything You Need To Know About Creating A Startup also on a table next to his bed. His job kept him fit, and he also owned a treadmill (seen in his bedroom). Additionally, he tells Ellie that he often went on hikes with his daughter, reinforced by pictures of hiking scenery in his house.

Despite his long working hours, he still found time to spend quality time with Sarah, as seen in photographs displayed throughout their home showing the two on a cruise, at a carnival, and one of Sarah's soccer matches. In the hours leading up to the outbreak, Sarah gives him a new watch as a birthday gift to replace one he had broken months before. This becomes a cherished memento he manages to keep in the turbulent years ahead.

The Last of Us

Outbreak and Tragedy

At the beginning of the game, Joel is shown to be a single father who raises his daughter Sarah. His struggle to raise a kid on his own is interrupted when the infection breaks out, and Joel is forced to take his daughter out of town, just hours after his birthday. He is joined by his brother Tommy on the evacuation. Later, the group finds the road blocked and is forced to take another route before their car collides, and they must continue on foot.

While Tommy fights the infected, Joel and Sarah try to flee, but encounter a soldier. The soldier is ordered to kill the two, which he reluctantly carries out. Joel tries to shield Sarah from the shots, but the bullets fatally hit her. Tommy arrives in time to kill the soldier, but he and Joel can not do anything to stem Sarah's bleeding. The opening ends with Joel sobbing over his daughter's body.

Fateful Smuggle

Twenty years after the initial outbreak which wipes out millions of people across the United States, Joel operates as a smuggler of drugs and weapons through the quarantine zone in Boston. Initially, Joel looks after Tommy in Boston, but Tommy suffers from nightmares for what he commits, which causes him to leave Joel and join the Fireflies under Marlene's promises of hope. Eventually, however, Tommy becomes disenchanted with the Fireflies and leaves Boston.

At some point in this time, Joel became acquainted with Tess, who maintains the Boston branch of the underground market and specializes in contraband, working as Joel's partner. The two appear to work with each other frequently to smuggle supplies in, out and around the quarantine zone, and they seem to have a mutually respectful alliance at the start of the game. The pair also had a shipment arrangement with another survivor named Bill, and it is said that Bill owes many favors to Joel.

Shortly before their fateful last smuggle, the pair confront and kill a local dealer Robert after he sent two men to kill Tess. Before that, Robert has sold their guns to the Fireflies, which earns him Joel and Tess's hatred. Marlene, the Fireflies "queen" unexpectedly shows up and strikes a deal: they will transport something to a group of Fireflies waiting at the Capitol Building. In exchange, they can regain their weapons and receive even more. Joel and Tess are reluctant but go with Marlene anyway. The "cargo" is eventually revealed to be a girl named Ellie.

On the way, the trio is captured by a military patrol. While they are being checked for infection, Ellie panics and retaliates. Taking advantage, Joel and Tess overwhelm and kill the soldiers. They are, however, surprised when Ellie is revealed to be infected. Fearful for her life, Ellie explains that she has been infected for three weeks but shows no sign of transformation. Joel is angered in disbelief, but the military soon closes in, and the three are forced to make their way through. Eventually, they manage to reach the rendezvous point in the Capitol Building, but they find only bodies of Fireflies and the military closing in. Revealing that she too has been infected, Tess insists Ellie and Joel continue on their own, while she buys them some time. In the end, Joel and Ellie make it out. Ellie feels guilty about having Tess sacrifice for her, but Joel firmly decides not to bring that up.

Meeting Temporary Allies

Joel plans to go to a town where he believes they can meet Bill, the mechanic who owes him a favor. The meeting does not go well since the two burst many of Bill's traps. Bill devises a plan to retrieve spare parts in the town to activate a car, as repayment to Joel. Joel and Ellie manage to get a vehicle and leave Bill for Pittsburgh.

While entering Pittsburgh, Joel and Ellie are ambushed by a group of hunters but escape thanks to Joel anticipating the ambush. They then battled through the city, fighting numerous hunters on the way. Joel eventually comes to trust Ellie with a gun and teaches her to use a hunting rifle. The two slowly warm up to each other while making their way through the desolation. They later team up with brothers Henry and Sam to escape the hunter area through the sewers and suburbs. The pair had slowly bonded with the brothers, but this ended when Sam became infected, and Henry committed suicide out of grief for killing his brother.

Looking for the Fireflies

Fall arrives as Joel and Ellie reach Jackson County in Wyoming, where Joel believes his brother Tommy, a former member of the Fireflies, can show them their location. The two are amazed to find a settlement, and, fortunately, Tommy is residing in a nearby dam providing electricity to a revived permanent community. Joel and Tommy get into a heated debate after Joel demands that Tommy take Ellie the rest of the way to the Fireflies. The two are interrupted when the bandits attack the dam. Joel helps fend off the attackers, and Tommy reluctantly agrees to take Ellie to the Fireflies. Ellie, however, runs away after learning Joel and Tommy are fighting because of her. The two men have to follow her before the bandits get to her. Joel and Ellie reconcile, and the two head out for a university where the Fireflies are thought to reside.

Unfortunately, the Fireflies are nowhere to be found. Instead, the duo are met with large groups of both infected and hunters while they explore the place. During a brutal fight, Joel is impaled in the abdomen and leaves the fighting to Ellie, who gets the both of them to the Lakeside Resort. There Ellie hides Joel in a house to take care of him while going outside to hunt for food.


A few weeks have passed, in which Joel is unconscious and burning with fever due to his injury until Ellie manages to bring in some antibiotics from David and James, two survivors she encounters, and trade food for medicine. The medicine brought him back to his feet, albeit weakened, but he is surprised to find Ellie missing. Upon leaving the hideout, he encounters a group of bandits who seem to know her whereabouts. He tortures, interrogates two of them to find a clue about Ellie's location, and upon learning where she is captured, he kills the two in cold blood.

Joel arrives in the bandit's camp to discover that they are cannibals. He dispatches the rest of the cannibals before finding Ellie brutally hacking at David with his machete. He pulls her away from the lifeless David, consoling her in his arms, noticeably calling her "baby girl," a name he used for his daughter.

Reaching the Fireflies

The spring arrives as Joel and Ellie reach Salt Lake City, the intended final destination. Joel takes up the talking part, trying to brighten an estranged and traumatized Ellie. She warms up after seeing a group of giraffes. Joel, realizing what Ellie has been through, tells her that they can leave and return to Tommy's, but she thanks him and remarks that she wants to go through with this. In the city, they encounter the Fireflies, who had fled from Boston to their new haven.

Ellie is immediately taken for research on Marlene's order, which will possibly create a vaccine for the infection. Joel later gets to know of this through Marlene's disclosure. Knowing that it will likely kill her, he protests against it. Marlene disregards him, however, saying that she is in a position to make decisions and that her decision to sacrifice Ellie will save millions.

She spares Joel's life, but Joel, having bonded with Ellie so much that she has become a substitute daughter to him (he calls her "baby girl" before, the same way he calls Sarah), escapes and tortures the Firefly soldier, Ethan to find out the location of the surgery. Joel makes his way through the facility to rescue Ellie. On the way, he finds out that the doctors' search for a vaccine has lead to the deaths of lots of people. Also that Marlene was willing to break her promise to Ellie's mother, so that she could save her own life. Joel managed to rescue Ellie just in time and brings her out. He is cornered by Marlene, who willingly lets him decide Ellie's fate. Joel secures Ellie in his car before killing Marlene, claiming, "You'd just come after her."


I swear.
~ Joel lying to Ellie about the Fireflies.

Joel delivers Ellie out of the city, heading for "home." He lies to Ellie that the Fireflies have failed to create a vaccine and gave up on it, much to her dismay. It is speculated that his decision to kill Marlene inside the facility in Salt Lake City is to cut all loose ends, to ensure that no one will have the knowledge of Ellie, and thus, no one will go after her in the future. The two finally reach Tommy's dam, where Joel remarks that they can return to their normal life. Eventually, Ellie confronts Joel and tells him, "Swear to me. Swear to me that everything you said about the Fireflies is true." Joel lies to her, claiming "I swear," which leaves a doubting Ellie to her own belief.

The Last of Us Part II

Why don't you say whatever speech you've got rehearsed and get this over with.
~ Joel to Abby, before being tortured and killed.

Some time after the events of the first game, Joel has settled into Jackson with Ellie and is given work by Tommy and the residents. One day while out on patrol, Joel finds a guitar which he intends to give to Ellie, however he is questioned by Tommy about the events that occurred regarding Ellie's immunity. Joel reveals the truth to his brother, as well as the fact that he has kept it a secret from Ellie, Tommy is speechless, but shows no objection.

When the two ride back to Jackson, Tommy comforts Joel by telling him he probably would've done the same thing. Later the evening, Joel arrives at Ellie's residence and gives her the guitar he obtained during the search, promising to teach her how to use it.

Two years later, on Ellie's sixteenth birthday, Joel takes her to a dinosaur museum mixed with Space information. While they have a happy and joyful time, they come across a painting on the wall of the Firefly symbol underlined with "LIARS". This brought Ellie's suspicion surrounding Joel's lie back to light.

Some time after her birthday, while out on patrol with Tommy, Ellie questions Joel's claim regarding the impossibility of a vaccine, noticing the holes in his story. Joel keeps up with his lie in fear of Ellie's reaction to the truth, however he uses a different context to explain it, claiming that he took her from the hospital by force when he saw the test results confirming that a cure could not be made. This was enough to confirm Ellie's suspicion that Joel was lying.

Ellie ran away some months later, leaving a Joel a note who went after her in pursuit as she claimed to be going back to the Firefly hospital. Upon reaching the hospital, Ellie found evidence that proved Joel was lying regarding the claim of there being more immune people like her. Joel arrived soon after and Ellie threatened to leave his company if he did not tell her the truth. Joel confessed her what she wanted. Ellie broke into tears upon hearing that he took away the key of saving humanity as well as her purpose. Ellie promised to go back to Jackson, but wanted no more association with Joel. This left Joel depressed, but he did not regret his decision to save her, and was able to continue living in Jackson as long as Ellie was around.

Another two years pass, and Joel is able to gain Ellie's attention when he defends her against one of the residents; Seth, hurling homophobic words at her when she was caught kissing one of her friends; Dina. Ellie visits him the following night, and despite his horrific actions, she tells him that she'll try to mend her relationship with him, which makes Joel feel better.

The next day, Joel goes on patrol with Tommy during a blizzard. While at the ski resort, they encounter a horde of zombies attacking a young woman named Abby, who Joel saves. After getting away, they escape to a house that Abby's friends are residing at.

Upon arrival, Joel and Tommy are let in pleasantly. Tommy makes conversation with Abby's friends and introduces himself. Once Joel does the same, everyone in the room goes silent. Joel confused notes that they're acting like they know of him, to which Abby confirms by pulling out a shotgun and shooting Joel in the knee.

Tommy tries to fight back to save his brother, but is knocked unconscious. Joel is restrained and questions who Abby is, to which she tells him to guess. Joel does not respond to this, but his facial expression is debatable to whether he assumed right or not. Regardless, Joel refuses to acknowledge the situation and advises her to get it over with. However Abby is unwilling to rush the whole thing and proceeds to tourniquet his leg, pull out a golf club, and viciously beat him to death.

As Joel is viciously being beaten over and over by her, Ellie arrives on the scene and attempts to stop the torture, however she too is restrained. Despite Ellie's pleas for Joel to fight back or for the attackers to stop what they are doing, Abby finishes Joel off by driving the golf club into his temple.

Tommy and Ellie are spared by Abby's friend, Owen Moore, but they are unable to let the death of him go. After weeks go by, they both leave separately to obtain justice by killing Abby and her friends for assaulting the two after they had saved her life. By the end of the story, Ellie and Tommy fail to kill Abby, with the former sparing her in Santa Barbara.