Joellen Waller

Joellen Waller

Joellen Waller  is the main villainess from "Murder of the Month Club," episode 11.10 of Murder, She Wrote.

She was portrayed by Cec Verrell.

Joellen Waller was one of three Hartley Publishers' Mystery authors (along with Jessica Fletcher and Matt Matthews) who participated in a "Murder of the Month" informercial. Joellen was a novice author who had just published her first novel, but she did so by stealing a manuscript written by Stewart Murphy. Joellen had met Stewart in Matt's class, and when she saw his manuscript, she realized how good it was, so she took photos of it. After receiving several rejections in publishing attempts, Joellen sent Stewart's manuscript to Hartley Publishing; changing the title and claiming it as her own.

Stewart had sent his original manuscript to himself, under the name Jason Bayer Saxon, and he was later killed in Buffalo by Arnold Wynn , who later blackmailed Joellen after learning that she stole the manuscript from him. After Arnold got her attention through an audience member who was sitting next to him, Joellen met Arnold late one night, with the latter demanding $30,000 in exchange for the manuscript. However, after learning that Arnold did not have the manuscript with him, the evil Joellen decided to kill him, using her knowledge of Arnold's allergy to quinine to poison his drink with tonic water. Arnold quickly succumbed to the effects, and following the murder, the scheming villainess regained the $30,000 she gave Arnold, as well as a key to a bus station locker where Stewart sent the manuscript. Before she could take Arnold's MedicAlert bracelet, Joellen escaped, hearing a guard approaching.

Joellen searched several bus stations until hearing Jessica Fletcher mentioning the one in Yonkers. She later went to that station and acquired the manuscript, right before she was caught by Jessica and police, marking Joellen's villainous reveal. Joellen was arrested and taken to the police station, where she confessed to stealing Stewart's manuscript and to killing Arnold.