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Joey Clams

Joey Clams

Joey Clams is an antagonist in the Danger Rangers episode "Water Works".

He was voiced by the late Joe Lala.


Joey Clams is a lavender clam (clad in a purple cap, green gloves, and gray boots) who works for Lobster Theodore and Commander Octodon. He is sort of lazy, as he would rather just watch Theodore work on the endangerment of the water park in Mexico.

According to the boss' plan to ruin the Danger Rangers' reputation as they are trying to promote water safety, even in Puerto Rico, when Fallbot (mistaking him and Theodore for lost kids) sees them, they tie him up, and Joey saws the ladders. And so, Theodore then cuts a slit in the wall and steals the life preserver, thus having them slandered on TV and leading them to blame Fallbot because he was all that was left.


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