Why, with enough belief, you can cheat even death itself!
~ Joey Drew's most famous quote.

Joey Drew is the Bigger Bad of Bendy and The Ink Machine. He is the former old friend of Henry, the game's protagonist. He is responsible for the creation of the Ink Machine in his quest to bring cartoons to life starting with Bendy and many others, but it went horribly wrong as a result.


Throughout the game, Joey Drew's voice can be heard through audio logs in each of the chapters.

In Chapter 4, he is mentioned by Bertrum Piedmont of how the former is taking full credit of his work, in particular the planned establishment "Bendy Land".

In Chapter 5, Drew makes an actual appearance after Henry defeats Bendy. While in the former's apartment, Henry was told of how he has a perfect family while Joey himself left behind a crooked empire due to his actions and the path he took. Joey further stated that he later expressed regret, and has Henry to the old workshop to bring down the Ink Demon Bendy which is the ending and in the post credits seen it is also shown he has a niece/grand niece and has another Ink Machine in his apparent. It is revealed that Joey wanted to use the Ink Machine to bring cartoons to life starting with Bendy; however, it ended in failure due to Bendy being souless, resulting in Ink Bendy, and since tried to use human souls to create more cartoon clones.

Joey is set to appear in the upcoming second Bendy game.


  • In the second teaser trailer for Chapter 5 (prior to his physical appearance), his office can be seen beyond below the studio.
  • Joey Drew is mostly likely inspired by both Walt Disney and Max Fleischer, two animation founders from the same time period of the Bendy cartoons. While the Bendy cartoons themselves have the same animation style as Fleischer's work, Joey's larger than life persona and own name studio is in reference to Disney.
  • It is revealed in a post credit scene that Joey has an Ink Machine in his apartment.


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