Joey Kangaroo

Joey Kangaroo is a recurring antagonist in The Penguins of Madagascar.

He was voiced by James Patrick Stuart.


Joey Kangaroo is a bad-tempered kangaroo with an Australian accent who always refers to himself in the third person. He has a reputation of beating up anyone who trespasses into his habitat.

He first appeared in the episode "Assault and Batteries", where he tries to attack Skipper and Julien after they inadvertently entered his habitat. He later appears in "Cat's Cradle" when he tried to beat up Officer X but was badly hurt instead. He also appeared to have a big role in "Skorca!" where he competed against the Penguins to defeat a giant orca. He made several cameos where he is not exactly an antagonist. Though usually only a minor character in the series, Joey has had several episodes where he was the main antagonists. In the episode "Kanga-Management", the Penguins accidentally destroy the Koala habitat, forcing Leonard to temporarily live with Joey until the pen is re-built, to both's dismay. Eventually, the two settle their differences and become friends, agreeing on their dislike for the Penguins.


  • His voice actor, James Patrick Stuart also voiced Private in the same series.
  • Despite being a male kangaroo, he has a pouch. In real life, only female kangaroos have pouches.


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