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Yo! The mafia supports ya, but don't tell no one! Spread the word!
~ Joey Mousepad

Joey Mousepad is a major recurring villain from the FOX animated sitcom, Futurama. He is a member of The Robot Mafia and the "Muscle" of the group, but arguably the dumbest. He works alongside Francis X. Clampazzo serving their leader, The Donbot.

He was voiced by John DiMaggio, who also famously voiced Bender from the same show.


In "Bender Gets Made", The Robot Mafia came to Elzar's restaurant. The waiter brought them to their table and The Dobot complained about his seat. Clamps threatened to clamp the waiter to death for it but Joey calmed Clamps down and simply just explained to the waiter that they were looking for a table where The Donbot could have his back against the wall. The only table that was against the wall was taken by a family, so Bender came by and knocked the food off the table and shooed the family away from it for the mafia.

Bender joined the robot mafia and they met in their headquarters, which was a freezer in the back of a kitchen. There, Joey and Clamps shot another robot nearly to death for not giving The Donbot the money he needed. Joey came up to Bender and noted that he was strong like an ox and they nicknamed him "Blotto". Joey let Blotto know, full disclosure, that in their gang, they'd be doing a lot of killing and Blotto was perfectly okay with that.

Joey Mousepad served as the driver for the Robot Mafia ship when they were on their mission to obtain Zuban cigars. They found the Planet Express ship and Joey started shooting at it. Joey and Clamps stood outside of the ship and shot the ship until they got in. Once they were inside, they said that they were stealing the Zuban cigars from the ship. They captured Fry and Leela and tied them to a chair and blindfolded them so they didn't know Bender was on their team.

Joey Mousepad looked through the list of members on the ship and found that one of them was a robot. Blotto was sent out to find him. Blotto went into Bender's room and pretended to beat Bender to death. Blotto told the robot mafia that they could leave, while he took care of the rest of the problems. So they did and Bender set Fry and Leela free, pretending to have been with them the whole time.

Later that day, at home. Bender received his cut of the cash for helping out the robot mafia and neither side was any the wiser that he was playing both sides. Bender told Tinny Tim to tell The Donbot that he was quitting the team and so he took his money and left, getting away with everything Scott free.

In "Bendless Love", Joey Mousepad drove his car up to a robot strike that was happening outside of The Curvetti Bros. Bending Plant. Joey shouted out the window, saying that he and the rest of The Robot Mafia supported the robot strike but told them not to tell anyone but then immediately told them to also spread the word. In the car, driven by Joey, The Donbot said that they should do something to help support the strikers.

Later at The Hip Joint, Joey Mousepad saw Bender (who was pretending to be Flexo) going out with a female robot named Angleyne. Joey pointed out how "Flexo" was flaunting his cash around and how that was an insult to The Donbot. The Donbot was infuriated by "Flexo" and swore that he would someday kill him.

After three times of "Flexo" showing off his big money, The Donbot said that he was sick of the crap and that he was ready to have him fall victim to a little "accident". Joey Mousepad told The Donbot that they couldn't really rely on an accident happening and that they should kill him instead.

While the real Bender and Flexo fought in the Bending Factory, The Robot Mafia went into the crane operation room and dropped an unbendable I-beam on the real Flexo, crushing him.