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Joey Quinn is a recurring antagonist in Dexter.

He was portrayed by Desmond Harrington, who has also portrayed Jack Ferriman in Ghost Ship and Fletcher Nix in Justified.


Meeting Debra Morgan

Quinn was a cop in narcotics who had a shady past. He helped Anton Briggs out of a situation in exchange for becoming a CI but never made it official leading to Anton putting his life in danger needlessly several times. Quinn fell out with his partner Yuki Amado when he covered up for a friend's meth addiction and his friend got killed because of it.

By the time Season 3 begins, Quinn has been transferred to Homicide and slowly bonds with Deb while she is pressured by Yuki to try to get dirt on him. When Deb finds out the truth Quinn thinks she told Anton and tells him he's sorry leading Anton to punch him in the face. However, Anton seems to forgive Quinn when he helps Deb save him from the skinner. Quinn helps with Dexter Morgan's bachelor party and attends Dexter's wedding to Rita Bennett.

Rivalry with Dexter Morgan

When Dexter's poorly worded testimony causes a murderer to be released, Quinn angrily berates him and shows him a picture of the dead mother and child for which Deb berates him. Quinn later steals money from a crime scene which is witnessed by Dexter. Quinn attempts to buy Dexter's silence with expensive gifts, but it becomes clear Dexter dislikes Quinn immensely.

Quinn begins a relationship with reporter Christine Hill and makes the mistake of trusting her with confidential information, which gets him into trouble with his bosses at work. Quinn briefly dumps Christine but later gives her another chance after she publishes crucial information about the Vacation Murderer that leads to his death and the arrest of his accomplice. Throughout the season, he also attempts to support Deb through her problems. After Christine is outed as the Trinity killer's daughter and the killer of Frank Lundy, Quinn denounces her, but is clearly distraught after she dies.

Quinn becomes suspicious that Dexter was involved in Rita's death, and hires his old acquaintance Stan Liddy to investigate him. Quinn also begins a relationship With Deb. He is ultimately suspended by Lieutenant Maria LaGuerta in order to protect Dexter. Quinn starts to have doubts about going after Dexter as he gets closer to Deb. However He is unable to get out of it as Stan blackmails him. Stan kidnaps Dexter who kills him.

Due to an unfortunate misunderstanding. Quinn is arrested for Stan's murder. but Dexter tampers with the evidence to get him off the hook for Deb's sake. Quinn is grateful and decides that he's done with his vendetta against Dexter.

Fall From Grace

Despite seeming to have reformed. Quinn turns bitter when he and Deb break up because she rejects his proposal. He has random one-night stands and becomes an alcoholic. When Angel Batista almost dies in a fire. Quinn arrives just in time to save him. He feels like it's his fault because he turned up to work late because of his drinking, and resolves to better himself.

Problems with Koshka Brotherhood

Quinn becomes romantically involved with Nadia, a stripper who works for the Koshka Brotherhood and shows his good side with his kind treatment of her. It is revealed that Quinn used to turn a blind eye to the Brotherhood's dealings in exchange for money. However when they try to bribe him he returns the cash. Brotherhood member George Novikov threatens to deport Nadia unless he gets Isaak Sirko released from prison which he reluctantly does.

After discovering Nadia was forced to have sex with George Quinn beats him up. Quinn murders George and makes it appear like self-defense. Quinn then helps get Nadia out of the country to protect her from the cops.

Towards the end of Season 7. Quinn helps Angel open a bakery by giving him some of his inheritance money.

Helping Deb

Quinn bails Deb out when she's arrested for drunk driving. At this point, he has began a relationship With Angel's sister Jamie, and Quinn's continued support of Deb makes her jealous. Quinn also unwittingly gets Deb off a murder charge by calling Dexter when she tries to confess that she killed LaGuerta (Quinn thought she was being figurative and simply suffering from feelings of guilt). Quinn ends his relationship with Jamie and starts seeing Deb again.

After Deb is killed by Oliver Saxon Quinn attacks him. Quinn helps Angel interrogate Dexter after he kills Saxon and Dexter says it was self-defense, which they accept. It is implied Quinn knows Dexter killed Saxon in cold blood, but is willing to turn a blind eye because of what Saxon did to the woman he loved.

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