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Johann is the main antagonist in The IT Crowd episode "Moss and the German" he was a German cannibal who advertised himself on the internet however his English wasn't very good making it sound like he was giving cooking lessons.

He was portrayed by Philip Rham.


He was first mentioned after Moss answered his ad thinking he meant that he was giving cooking lessons, upon seeing his answer Johann was overwhelmed with joy and began manically laughing. When Moss arrived to his house the next day he told him to take off his clothes and that they would begin, Moss then got confused and Johann explained that his English wasn't very good and that he actually wanted to eat him, the two laughed at the misunderstanding and watched Ocean's Eleven.

After mentioning this to Roy and Jen, Jen freaked out and told Moss he should have called the police while Roy was happy since he was desperate to watch a film he didn't want spoiled for him and he and Moss came up with a plan to reply to the ad again saying Roy wanted to be eaten but would want to watch the movie first and later say he changed his mind. The plan was almost successful however before the film began the police came to the door since Roy's copy of the movie was an illegal pirated copy and that the police had tracked him.

Strangely Johann was let off the hook despite Roy telling the officer that he was a cannibal. He was later seen at the end of the episode playing his cello to the theme song of the show. He Moss and Roy are also presumably still friends although Johann never appeared in the show again.