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Oh wow. The Sinnerman himself returns. The boys will be thrilled. Everyone's ready to get back to business.
~ John greeting Pierce after the latter's long absence.

John Barrow is a minor antagonist in Season 3 of the TV series Lucifer. He is a criminal enforcer and the possible new right-hand of Marcus Pierce following his decoy's betrayal.

He is portrayed by Gonzalo Menendez.


Nothing is known about Barrow's occupation in Pierce's criminal organization or how long he's been involved. However, it must be for years because he claims that he's never seen his boss scared of anything, unaware that he was the immortal Cain and therefore unable to die. In 2017, after the betrayal and eventual death of Pierce's decoy, Barrow took charge as his new right-hand. He also had to manage the organization when Pierce started laying off from his criminal acts to avoid suspicions, but this act lasted for months and left other criminals longing for his return.

Eventually in May 2018, Pierce returned and made contact with Barrow after he accidentally killed Charlotte Richards, requesting him to look through a list of favors they can cash in and arrange for a scapegoat to take the fall for her murder. The two met up and after Barrow informed him of the perfect favor with Steve Chamberlain's butler Hanson, who accidentally killed a biker and asked to make it disappear in exchange for a favor. He then quickly realized that Pierce was scared who then got aggressive before leaving. He then tells Barrow to have his best men keep Mazikeen alive, who was in his place. With Hanson's help, Chamberlain was being framed for Charlotte's murder. However, Pierce then quickly called Barrow and informed him about Dan Espinoza's investigation, ordering him to go and kill him. Barrow arrived at Charlotte's place to kill Dan, only to be ambushed by both him and Chloe Decker.

Now tied up at Lux in Lucifer Morningstar's penthouse, Barrow overheard the three of them and Ella Lopez talk about Pierce. Upon being interrogated, Chloe claims that they know about Pierce threatening his sister. Know that he doesn't have a sister and that Pierce setting them up, Barrow went along with this and initially refused to help out of fear for her safety. However, after Dan intimidates him, Barrow gives them a location to save his sister and agrees to give them everything if she's safe. The next day, Dan and Ella learn about the ambush. The situation ends with Lucifer killing Pierce, his crimes being exposed and Barrow presumably being incarcerated for his involvement.


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