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Little John from the big castle. Plays with a little boy. Snip, snip, snip, off goes his head. Bright red, bright red.
Little John from the big castle. Plays with a little girl. Stab, stab, stab, she loses her sight. Bright white, bright white.
Little John from the big castle. Found another friend. Slash, slash, slash, into his tummy. Out his sides, red and runny.
~ The Ghost Children singing.

John Barrows was the first Scissorman in the Barrows Family and a major antagonist in the Clock Tower series. He is also the overarching antagonist in the second Clock Tower game.


Pre-Clock Tower

John Barrows was the first known Scissorman in the 13th generation of the Barrows family. In a local fairy tale, a demon is born in the Barrows castle, and terrorizing the local children. Later on, John was killed by his father, Quintin Barrows, to stop his killing spree, by using a spell that he create it called "Door Spell" to exorcise devil children, like John. Later, Quintin was marked as a "traitor" by his household and his family and was later killed by Theodore Barrows and the demonic cult his family had followed for generations.

Clock Tower

When Jennifer enters the storage room, she can find a corpse of John Barrows in the stone coffin. By doing so, Jennifer will obtain the Box Key, which can be used in a nearby chest of the same room to free Helen. At the same time, Jennifer Simpson can encounter the ghost children singing "Little John from the Big Castle" in the bone chamber with an injured Nolan Campbell.





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