We're going to get Brisco in Frisco.
~ John Bly threatening to kill Brisco County Jr.

John Bly is the main antagonist of the western TV series The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. He is a psychopathic outlaw in the Old West who is eventually revealed to be a time traveler from the 23rd century.

He is portrayed by Billy Drago, who also portrayed Frank Nitti in The Untouchables and Ramon Cota in Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection


Bly is first introduced as a crime boss in the Old West who commands a gang of 12 other outlaws. He and his gang murder U.S. Marshall Brisco County, spurring on his son Brisco County Jr. to bring Bly to justice. He is ruthless, violent and cruel even by Old West standards, and takes pleasure in torturing and killing people who cross him, even his own men.

Throughout the series, Bly is obsessed with finding The Orb, a mysterious geodesic object with supernatural powers. When Brisco finally catches up with him, Bly reveals that he is a time traveler from the 23rd century, and that all he needs is the Orb to take over the world. Brisco manages to trap him inside the Orb, however.

Eventually, one of Bly's underlings frees him from captivity, and he sets about his plan to seize the Orb and travel back to his own time, where he will use its power to become a dictator. Just as he is about to realize this ambition, however, Brisco stabs him with one of the Orb's rods, and Bly disintegrates into a pile of dust.