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John-Boy is the main antagonist of the 2016 action-mystery-comedy crime film The Nice thumb|184px|link=File:John-Boy.jpgGuys. He's a hitman who's in charge of Blue-face and Older Guy in order for them to find and kill Amelia. He's portrayed by Matt Bomer.


John-Boy is first introduced when he's seen entering Holland March's home, posing as a doctor for Amelia Kutner. Holly recognizes who he is and points a gun at him.

John-Boy throws Holly's friend through a window. Healy breaks into the house, both Healy and March get into a gun-fight with John-Boy. John-Boy runs away and looks for Amelia, eventually killing her by shooting her in the chest.

Fate and Defeat

John-Boy is at a party with his right-hand man Older Guy where they plan on stealing Misty Mountains film then killing both March and Healy. March and Healy arrive there where March pretends to cry and is able to kill Older Guy by making him splat on the ground. John-Boy arrives at a staircase and tries to kill March, Healy grabs a hold of John-Boy and they fight. Healy is able to disarm John-Boy and beats him into submission. Healy nearly kills John-Boy until Holly spares his life, with that being said. John-Boy gets knocked out and is arrested by police.