You still don't get it, do you? I needed to know just how bad the disease was in the real world, not just the lab. You were genetically splicing together strains of influenza to create a cure for all influenzas, but you were also creating a disease so terrible in Chimera, the cure would be priceless! I needed Chimera in order to peddle Bellerophon; it's not that difficult to understand, is it? Look, I've got the virus, you've got the cure. I need them both. Time was, a shot of penicillin would knock off every bloody bug in the zoo. Not anymore. If I couldn't make money killing the microscopic little shits that are out there, well, you'd help me put one out there that I could make money on. Well, there it is. I've confessed. I, John C. McCloy, am in business to make money. Now forget any deal you may have made with that thug Ambrose, get me treated and let's go back to work!
~ John C. McCloy confessing to Ethan Hunt (disguised as Nekhorvich).

John C. McCloy is a major antagonist in the 2000 spy action film Mission: Impossible II. He is the CEO of Biocyte Pharmaceuticals and Sean Ambrose's business partner.

He was portrayed by Brendan Gleeson, who also portrayed Raynald of Châtillon in Kingdom of Heaven, and Barty Crouch Jr. (whilst disguised as Alastor Moody) in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.


McCloy injected Dr. Sergei Gradski with "Chimera". After Nekhorvich was killed by Ambrose and his team, McCloy meets up with Ambrose at a horse racing event to purhcase Chimera and its cure, "Bellerophon".

In Sydney, Ethan and his team kidnap McCloy and force him to give up Bellerophon. They later learned that Nekhorvich took the only samples, which are now held by Ambrose. As a result, McCloy is forced by Ambrose to exchange a sample of Chimera for a sample of Bellerophon. McCloy is then forced to accept the money by Ambrose, who almost seizes the virus when his henchman, "Hugh Stamp", comes to him with a captured "Ethan Hunt". McCloy witnesses Ambrose killing "Ethan", who was actually Stamp wearing a mask of Ethan.

It is unknown what happened to McCloy after the events of the film. However, he was possibly arrested by Australian authorities if the IMF exposes the Chimera project and his involvement.


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